People of the Narsis Hlaalu Council House

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2016-05-23 19:49
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Hail friends,
With some clearance from Atrayonis I've started working on some low-concept for the people who occupy the Hlaalu Council House in Narsis as guidance for eventual implementation. In this process I wanted to basically clear the responsibility from the person implementing it of creating names, relationships, and personalities (as expressed through clothing, dialogue, position, &c.) from the person populating the cell, or from someone adding a quest and going back in and adding an NPC for it. Please let me know if there's anything missing with the doc, if it could be formatted better, if you want to see more of these sorts of things, &c.

Disclaimer: While this doc is most helpful as a guide, it should by no means be considered authoritative and should change to suit the actual implementation going forward, and hopefully be an easier and more accessible resource than loose forum posts, meeting summaries, or CS work.

(Temporarily posted as a docx in an archive because the forum does not allow modern word processing file formats)

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