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2022-05-09 01:00
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Here's my interior showcase. The cell name is "Pirosmani99's House" and its inhabitant would be a common Dunmer woman who lives alone but has invited a few friends round for a drink and a mudcrab sandwich (they've all conveniently stepped outside just now). Before her friends came round she was darning one of her shirts upstairs. The house is decorated with several tapestries, probably family heirlooms.

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2020-07-31 02:09
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Name: Pirosmani99’s House (please add the prefix “TR_” in front of this, it makes it easier for reviewers and mergers to find)
Clean: Yes
Lighting: Sunlight should be lowered to around 25/20/15, because it oversaturates the interior and only lights up one side. The ambient should be made a bit browner/redder to compensate for this removal of color. Also, the light_de_buglamp_01_64 is causing a bug called “greenlight” where its proximity/positioning on a certain mesh causes the object to light up in an ugly green color. Move this to a spot on the table where there is less/no greenlight.
Northmarker: Present, good
Fits exterior: Currently does not fit any Hlaalu exterior building. I’d recommend moving the door to the top level and converting the bottom level into a basement to fit an ex_hlaalu_b_05 shell. Or if you have another idea of an exterior shell to fit, go for it.
Pathgrid: Too many nodes, should be shaved down to about one node per interior tile.
Illegal to Sleep Here: Yes, correct
Gridsnap: Good


Active_de_p_bed_11: legs are bleeding into the wall trim
Furn_de_tapestry_07: rope knot bleeding into the wall
Furn_de_tapestry_01: as above
De_p_desk_01_pos5: bleeding into the ground




Move the table and chair on the top floor to a corner so it doesn’t block so much walking space.

Solid start, but overall it’s a tad undercluttered. So some more misc objects, lights, urns, etc, should be scattered around the emptier parts of the interior to fill it up a bit. 

^ this is the target color for the "ambient" lighting setting in Hlaalu buildings