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  • run tes3cmd clean to remove CS junk cells from the last stable TR_Mainland.ESP
  • run tes3cmd common on Morrowind.esm, Tribunal.esm, Bloodmoon.esm to weed out any accidental junk edits. The only results should be LTEX, LAND, CELL and DIAL. DIAL: all topics, but there should be no INFO (except two in greeting 7): that would be dirty dialogue. Check and remove any of that with tes3cmd delete --type INFO --exact-id "..." - same for any other type of dirty objects.
  • this is your last chance to fix wrong IDs! don't forget to recompile any scripts that use these IDs. tes3cmd example
  • turn ESP into ESM (WryeMash or tes3cmd esm)
  • copy file comment, eg. Main File v. 17.09 (CS file list or WryeMash)
  • change the modified date to 01/01/2012 18:00:00 (WryeMash)
  • OR: no large changes? make a hotfix ESP instead of a new ESM, which won't upset compatibility with saves and mods (probably not relevant for current releases, but was for a time when updates were released with little to no content changes)



  • cleaning the junk cells of each section file first can be easier. After using tes3cmd clean, tes3cmd dump --exterior --no-match "FRMR" will dump all remaining exteriors with no objects, but also including heightmap-only cells
  • with the new TR_Mainland.ESM loaded, merge all other sections into a TR_Preview.esp
  • for each merge, check a couple Greetings and generic topics (latest rumors) for any dialogue dropping at the bottom
  • check cell borders between sections for holes
  • clean as above
  • remove TR_Mainland.ESM dependency (WryeMash)
  • clean more: even with TR_Mainland.ESM as master, tes3cmd won't detect all junk cells, in particular it won't be able to automatically clean any exterior cells that have kept a name that isn't the one in Mainland. If you couldn't first clean each section file, you can check overlap between the merged Preview.ESP and Mainland.ESM:

TR_Travels & TR_OldTravels

  • check that their date comes after TR_Preview in the loading order

For each of these, copy any missing CS file comments, update dependences to the current versions of TR_Mainland.ESM and Tamriel_Data.ESM, change times, and make sure they are present in the optional files:

  • TR_Preview.esp - 01/01/2012 18:00:02
  • TR_Factions.esp - 01/01/2012 18:00:01
  • TR_Travels.esp - 01/01/2012 18:00:03
  • TR_Travels_(Preview_and_Mainland).esp - 01/01/2012 18:00:03
  • TR_OldTravels.esp - 01/01/2012 19:00:00
  • ?

Check the files’ Summaries (that is the little description text in the mod file) and author information (change the version as necessary):

  • Author is always “Tamriel Rebuilt Team”
  • TR_Mainland: Main File v. 18.07
  • TR_Preview: Preview File v. 18.07 <2 line breaks> Adds unfinished, in-development content to the mainland
  • TR_Factions: Faction File v. 18.07  <2 line breaks> Increases faction advancement requirements and extends Telvanni Hortator quests to mainland councilors
  • TR_Travels: Travel File v. 18.07 <2 line breaks> Adds and edits travel connections to create an integrated travel network spanning the finished mainland and Vvardenfell
  • TR_Travels_(Preview_and_Mainland): Preview Travel File v. 18.07 <2 line breaks>TR_Travels (P&M)<2 line breaks>Adds and edits travel connections to create an integrated travel network spanning the released mainland, the unfinished mainland, and Vvardenfell<2 line breaks>Do not use this together with TR_Travels.esp!
  • TR_OldTravels: Old Travel File v18.07<2 line breaks>Adds Bal Oyra Silt Strider port and reactivates Tel Ouada Shipmaster<2 line breaks>Intended for use with mods that rely on these travel connections only!


  • change the BUILD version and date at the top of the file
  • change the rev. version and date at the bottom of the file
  • change the Tamriel_Data version in i. Requirements
  • change the date and contents of VI. PROJECT STATUS
  • credits: look at recent promoted showcases for new members
  • credits: look at assets that have been merged since last release in the asset browser or in all (may be several) versions of Tamriel_Data TR Addon since last TR release, add any new contributors to credits
  • credits: look at quest claims that have been merged since last release, add any non-promoted contributors (free writers) to credits
  • try to update dead links, descriptions and remove anything outdated. Good luck.