question about TR_Factions and Telvanni Hortator

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2019-12-01 01:24
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so I have TR, using OMW Android but unfortunately I didn't disable it before starting the hortator quests, so right now I need the votes of the mainland councillors for the Telvanni Hortator requirements. At this point can I disable the TR_factions plugin and enable it after the quest? I also have a companion mod that is sensitive to load order, does disabling a mod (unchecking in OMW) shift the load order below it up?

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2016-10-09 23:10
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One thing you could do is back up your save, try disabling TR_Factions, and see if it screws anything up. Keep in mind that the plugin also makes it take more faction reputation to advance in factions, i.e. you'll have to do some mainland quests to progress in the guilds. If you don't want to risk breaking your save, the Telvanni Hortator quests aren't too hard. Sorry for not knowing the answers to your exact questions, hopefully someone else can come in and address those.