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2015-12-12 23:47
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A person from facebook asks:

“ Hey TR team! I'm working on an Elder Scrolls D&D and am basing a larger part of Morrowind on your vision of the mainland. I've been using the Tamriel Rebuilt Interactive Map as a reference, but the API is very buggy for me. Is there a way to download a full map with locations (minor locations like houses aren't necessary, but caves and such are) for use in my campaign? Thanks very much for your time. “

Do we have anything that fits this description?

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2016-05-09 13:13
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“We don't have a map giving the location of all of the dungeons, TR is still in development. What we do have is a map that contains fast travel, towns, cities and regions.

The interactive map on the TR website contains a great part of the dungeons which are already in place, this will probably be the most useful asset. Giving the problems you are facing with the Interactive Map, We will try to seek out a alternative way to give you the information you need(screenshot the map?).

For inspiration be sure to visit our forums! We have a lot of background information on the cultures, factions and people within Morrowind.”

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2015-09-28 20:13
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Yeah, that’s pretty much it.
There’s just too much info and putting caves and such on the Gridmap will be possible, but caves and stuff with names will probably be too cluttered. Seneca’s hip and cool scripts would have helped, but alas.

The City Map has most of the town locations atm. It’s not caves, but maybe that’s helpful already.

And I only have the version with Anthology Solstheim’s location, not the one with vanilla as a proper TR map would have.