Script errors when updating

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2020-05-07 05:12
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Hello. I just updated TR to the latest version and when I open up my game these error messages appear. These messgaes appear when I am loading the game, not a save file. 

Unable to find script 'TR_m1_scpt_i2_Naginata' on object 'TR_m1_w_i2_Naginata'.
Unable to locate Enchanting 'TR_colovian_arbalest_En'.

The game doesn't crash or anything. but it is annoying if I have to see these errors every time I open my game. Do you know what I can do to fix this? I am using the normal Morrowind. Not OpenMorrowind. 

EDIT: I found the one of the textures on the TR wiki, but why does the game say it is missing in my game?
 I would really appreciate getting help with this.