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2019-12-29 03:25
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Hello everyone. After completing the "Burden of Proof" quest in Roa Dyr, I was informed that now I have access to all of the services available in Roa Dyr. However, after asking for any kind of services, NPCs always reply to me with something like "I can provide my services exclusively to members of House Indoril" which frustrates me much, cause I really want to access this part of the content. 

I've tried to restart the quest via the Construction Set, but it didn't help at all.

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2020-01-17 20:11
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11 months 4 days ago

Hi. As I understand it, it's not possible to join House Indoril at the moment (although it will be in future). The section of the game around Roa Dyr is quite new and so not everything is fully 'linked up' yet. You could probably add yourself to House Indoril artificially using the console, or by a small tweak in the construction set.