SH_17 Quest and Point of Interest Proposal

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*This is a WIP. I'll update as I develop the claim, but I wanted to get some ideas on paper. Feedback is appreciated.*


Locations -

Mzuldahrk: A large, well fortified Dwemer ruin. Its halls are mazelike and lead deep under the Velothi Mountains. For many years smugglers have used the passageways to move large quantities of Moon Sugar across the border, evading the Imperial Legion at Shadowgate Pass. Moon Sugar runners carved a tunnel from Niben and broke through to the halls of Mzuldahrk. They defeated all they encountered and marked a path for their successors to follow. That tunnel, however, was destroyed by Imperial forces. 


Ushurat: A Velothi Tower situated high in the Velothi Mountains, only accessible through a winding, steep mountain Pass. Seemingly mundane, Ushurat is inhabited by the charlatan Imperial Reman, often referred to as “the Wizard.” He claims to be a great and powerful wizard, yet he has no magical abilities whatsoever. The true wizard of Ushurat is the Dunmer (dunmer name), who is locked away in a secret room, forced to use his alchemy skills for producing the drug Skooma. Reman works closely with the smugglers at Mzuldahrk and the Khajiit (Khajiit name) in Salvelis.


Quests -


Sugar in the Mountains:

While exploring the keep at Shadowgate Pass, the player will learn of Mzuldahrk, a once formidable fortress that kept watch over the valley between the Niben and Resdayn. It can be learned through certain channels, such as high disposition with soldiers at the border, that deep within the labyrinthine ruins is a smugglers tunnel. Furthermore, if the player maintains a strong relationship with (imp name), Commander of Shadowgate Pass, he will learn that the Imperial Legion made a concerted effort to stop the movement of Moon Sugar eastward. In a cave on the Nibenese side, Imperial soldiers closed off the tunnel that connects the two provinces. Small amounts of the drug still makes its way through Shadowgate Pass, of which soldiers at the border turn a blind eye to. As expected, this is often influenced by bribery. 

(Imp Commander name) is confident that the efforts of his brothers and sisters on the Niben side fulfilled their task of closing off the tunnel. However, he tasks the player with heading into the Velothi Mountains, entering Mzuldahrk, and inspecting the collapsed tunnel from the other side. Also ensuring that no bands of smugglers have made any attempt to reopen it.

The PC will come across a group of smugglers. Having accepted the task from (commander), the smugglers will be hostile. Once killed, the player must navigate the ruins, following the signs left by smugglers, and eliminate the metal guardians. The player may, while exploring the ruin, come across the body of (dunmer name). She holds written instructions on how to traverse the halls of Mzuldahrk; however, they appear to be wrong, and the last instruction was to pull a certain lever. This lever can be assumed to have activated Mzuldahrk’s defenses.

After the player discovers that the sealing of the tunnel was a success, they can return to (imp commander) for a monetary reward. When asked about the dead Dunmer and the letter, he will deny knowing anything about it. 


A Trip to the Moon:

In the village of Salvelis, the PC may encounter a Khajiit By the name of (khajiit name). He needs help and offers a “special” reward if the PC can assist him. “There's a path into the mountains, to the west,” he'll say, “and off that path, before the bridge, is the entrance to a cave. Inside you'll see a cart. If it's loaded, return to me immediately. If not, continue along the path, turn south at the bridge, and visit the wizard. You must only mention one’s name.” The cart will be empty, so the PC visits the wizard at Ushurat. The “wizard”, who, unbeknownst to the player, has no magic abilities whatsoever. The true wizard of the Ushurat is locked in a secret room, manufacturing Skooma from moon dust. 

The player may never learn of (Dumner name), but if they explore and find the room he's locked away in, a choice can be made: 

(A) assist Reman in finding out why the smugglers at Mzuldahrk have not delivered the product. Help the smugglers eliminate the enemies within the Dwarven ruins. When this task is complete, a smuggler will stand near the rubble and say “it'll take some time, but we’ll get this opened back up.” The PC can then return to Reman for a reward. The player can also return to (Khajiit name), but only for extended conversation on the topic.

(B) If (Dunmer name) is discovered, the PC will be attacked by Reman. Once killed, the player can speak to (Dumner name). He will ask you to rid these Mountains of smugglers. The PC can go to the camp outside of Mzuldahrk and kill all the smugglers, then return to (Dunmer name) for a reward.