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2018-01-22 22:14
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This thread is for discusing where showcases can be implemented if they are good and fit into the mod.


Showcases new forum:

InfallibleDres's Showcase:
Inspiration was “Hlaalu scout who made enough money to retire lower middle-class and likes to drink and read”. Can be used that way.
Corresponds to ex_hlaalu_b_22. Will need to have windows added when merged, otherwise good.
Cell name is: "Hlaalu Interior InfalDres"

Saint Olms's Showcase:
Description from the showcase thread: "Can be used as a boarding house or perhaps a property converted into rooms. The downstairs room could be the home of a recent migrant to Morrowind, owning nothing but practical items and a guide to the Eastern provinces. The upstairs room, with its half-eaten food, cup on the floor, open book on the bed, and collection of books on Dunmer cosmology may be the home of a Temple initiate or a student, or maybe an absent-minded scholar who doesn't care much about his surroundings." Can be used that way.
Corresponds to ex_hlaalu_b_17. Will need to have its windows changed when merged, otherwise good.
Cell name is: "TR_Showcase_02"

Binary Data HlaaluInteriorInfalDres.ESP9.13 KB2018-09-14 00:12
Binary Data HlaaluInteriorSaindOlms.esp9.18 KB2018-09-29 18:24
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2017-10-08 01:57
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2017-10-08 01:57
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2018-08-13 09:52
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Okay since I have no life I went a tracked down all the unfinished interior showcases on this forum that seemed workble and tried to match them to usable shells. Also went and listed the current shells in Othmura/Hlan Oek for kicks.

Erebath_143 showcase:

Designed to fit ex_hlaalu_b_17/22

-in need of fixing to the specifications of Sirrahs review but looks fine

Matt the Bagel showcase:

Was not designed to fit a shell, but is easily amended to fit a ex_vivec_h_05

-in need of fixing to the specifications of Senecas review, looks good. Being Velothi will probably need to save for Mournhold but being the home of a hunter and fisher could possibly be placed in Velothis.

Kyros showcase

Designed to fit ex_hlaalu_b_07

-requires a review pass but is good, I might recommend replacing the rugs & banners with different ones since the combination used is a common one.

WindEole's Showcase

Designed to fit ex_hlaalu_b_17/22, Basket maker

-apparently good to go, only comment would be to make sure whickweat is available in the area that its used.

Spuds showcase:

Doesn’t fit any shell

-is mostly unfinished and doesn’t seem worth salvaging, save for a small room made with large hall pieces that looked interesting but doesn’t really fit anywhere either.

Ignis-of-Vinheim's showcase:

Designed to fit ex_hlaalu_b_14 also a bonecave cellar

-in need of fixing to the specifications of Sirrahs review. The cave is an oddity that might better off scrapped.

Magamo's Showcase:

Not properly designed to a shell, but could be adjusted to fit the standard b_17/22

-in need to fixing/finishing to the specifications of Miners review.

Soulcollectors showcase:

Py Cave

-needs fixing to Sirrahs specifications and/or quest review.

Malus Showcase:

Designed to fit ex_hlaalu_b_10 but doesn’t match (top floor is 2x2 not 3x2) and has a substantial basement

-needs fixing to Sirrahs specifications, in addendum to above note on fixing top floor and also needs its dependency to the mainland esm removed.

ThomasRuz showcase:

Lavacave with daedric ruin at the end

-needs final tweaks? Thread unclear

Lucevar's showcase:

Designed to fit ex_hlaalu_b_23, has large basement. Blacksmith

-apparently good to go, just that the bed is de_r where the rest of the furniture is de_p.

Aleister Showcase:

Not designed to fit a shell will require retooling

-needs the above worked out and then fixing the issues sirrah noted. (Very interesting looking tho)

Chargers 1st showcase:

Designed to fit ex_hlaalu_b_04

-needs fixing to Why's specifications

Queen Lunara Showcase:

Doesnt quite fit any shell

-given they are active on Discord might be a good idea to contact them about finishing their showcase first before retooling it.

TheStones Showcase:

Not design to a shell, might fit ex_hlaalu_b_07 with some work.

-needs fixing to Thals specifications.

ROPCM's Showcase:

Doesn’t quite fit a shell (3x3), will require retooling

-passed review

Pianobadgers showcase

Doesn’t fit a shell

-otherwise passed review

Selengor's showcase:

Could be retooled to fit a ex_hlaalu_b_18 shell

-needs final tweaks by Cicero, due to how recent it is might want to contact selengor before using this.

Magi's showcase:

Doesnt seem truly designed to fit a shell, but could fit as the lower floor of a ex_hlaalu_b_16, has a 4x3 basement, is designed as a general trader/pawnbroker.

-passed review, could us some banners and maybe additional clutter. (Feel a bit bare)

Ariss showcase:

Will need modification to fit a shell, two stories both at 2x4

-passed review, cluttering is a touch bland but would be easy enough to fix up.

Hlan Oek

2 ex_hlaalu_b_04

1 ex_hlaalu_b_05 – earmarked for Mojo's showcase

1 ex_hlaalu_b_06

1 ex_hlaalu_b_09

1 ex_hlaalu_b_14

3 ex_hlaalu_b_15

1 ex_hlaalu_b_17

3 ex_hlaalu_b_18

5 ex_hlaalu_b_23

1 ex_hlaalu_b_24

2 ex_hlaalu_b_26

1 ex_hlaalu_b_27


2 ex_hlaalu_b_02

2 ex_hlaalu_b_03

2 ex_hlaalu_b_05

1 ex_hlaalu_b_12

2 ex_hlaalu_b_23

2 ex_hlaalu_b_28

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