Small feedback / suggestion for quest "Duress of a Slave"

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2020-08-24 18:20
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This is the second quest in the Almas Thirr temple questline. You're asked to deliver a letter for Idura Voron to Indoril Danyas. On the way there, you get stopped by a temple priest called Illene Teloth, who asks you to hand the letter over to her so she can have a look at it. At that point, you are given several dialogue choices, some of which eventually lead to you getting the option to ask wether there is anything suspicious aboute Idura. If you choose this question as your reply, the answer is essentially a lengthy "no, not really".
(You can find the particular line I'm talking about in the construction set under the topic "letter to Indoril Danvas", by NPC TR_m3_Illene Teloth, choice 8, "Well, ahem... no,[...]")

At this point, your only choice is to attempt a speech check trying to convince Illene that you shouldn't hand the letter over to her.
("I'm sure you have nothing to worry about then", leading to choice 9)

I found that a bit drastic. The question seems purely informative, not like you were making a choice at all. Being unable to hand the letter over simply by asking the question doesn't seem particularly logical in my mind. As such, instead of the only choice being the speech check, I'd think it would be nice to have another option of simply handing the letter over at that point.
(Simply adding another bit along the lines of "Oh okay here's the letter anyway" leading to choice 5, where you hand the letter over, would probably be sufficient.)

And I guess this is a pretty minor thing, it just kinda stood out to me when playing through that quest. It's a really nice quest otherwise. In fact, most of the quests in the latest release seem to be of excellent quality. So thanks for providing us with so much good content, TR devs. Can't wait to see what the next release brings.