Since for some reason I can't post it in asset browser, just an idea of two animals based on real life extinct animals.

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2016-08-26 05:46
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Drawings are not mine.

Moschops (calf face in Greek) were real life Therapsids (pretty much mammal-like reptile) which lived near water and were herbivorous, so they could make interesting non-hostile creature. In my opinion it looks pretty Morrowindly and my proposed Dunmeri name for them is Narouam.

Kaprosuchus (Greek for Boar Crocodile) is an extinct crocodyliform, which, in contrast to crocodiles living now, was purely land creature. Obviously carnivore. He looks like something out of Black Marsh if you were to ask me. Highly aggresive, my proposed name is Wamaroth, what would suggest it is related to Wamasu.