Speaker questline criticism

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2019-05-12 05:09
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First, I want to thank everyone who's donated their time and effort to this wonderful mod.

In the spirit of constructive criticism, I wanted to share the following observations about the Speaker for the Dead questline. First, I don't believe the Speakers should be a militant order. I'm guessing this was done as a contrivance to reward the player with Ordinator-in-Mourning armour. The Speakers themselves should be a priestly, mystic order (the proper term is "necromancer", but I'll play along with the Dunmeri hypocrisy on the topic); it makes sense for the O-i-Ms to be the Speakers' goons (mechanically, this can be conveyed by changing the Speaker questgiver to a priest and having a silent Ordinator-in-Mourning escort him), but not Speakers themselves. Rewarding the player with armour can be done through offering a choice of rewards at the successful completion of a quest, like that Ordinator in the Hall of Justice in Vivec offers the player upon completing the murder quest.

Second, I'm still playing through the first proper questline with that troublesome spirit in Roa Dyr. Before anything else, no Dunmer - in life or death - should ever utter the words "nuh-uh". Ever. What puzzles me about this quest is why a pauper's spirit is afforded such deference and respect. Why has this pauper climbed the social ladder by dying? A pauper in life, a pauper in death. If he had acted a fool in life like he's doing in death he would have been thrown in the slammer, so why is swinging an enchanted mace into his face to banish him a problem now? Why exactly am I going on a difficult quest to gather esoteric ingredients to respectfully banish a nobody's spirit? If he was Indoril nobility - even minor nobility - this sensitivity would be understandable, but not in this case. The objection that all Dunmer spirits are afforded respect equally doesn't cut the mustard here, some spirits are more equal than others.