Stuck in Almas Thirr, Canalworks

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2020-01-29 15:19
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I hope, this is the right place for this meessage. I sent already two messages in totaly wrong forum, and this is enough.


In short is situation this: When I finish quest "Temple: Calitia's Sanctuary", I can't leave the "Almas Thirr, Canalworks. I can go through the door from "Almas Thirr, Canalworks Temple" to "Almas Thirr, Canalworks", but then I can't leave this place. If I try to open the door or use Amulet of Divine Intervention (etc.....), the game always crash in the last moment of loading new place, and without any error message.

And this happend after ordinator who guarding behind the door leave his position.

Well, thank you and hope, this is the right forum at last.

Aha, I forgot file warnings.txt. There is:
Not able to find Knee part in T_C_ComCmPants03_K.
Not able to find Upper Leg part in T_C_ComCmPants03_UL.