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Sundered Scar Region

The Sundered Scar is a failed garden of the Indoril, and a volcanic sulphury wasteland.

Do not make wilderness cells above 200 references unless its required for settlements or points of interest.

Template meeting summaries:

Ground Textures:

-MA_rock04 - common rock texture
- around sulphur pools
-MA_sulphur_rock05 - around sulphur pools
- near sulphur
-MA_sulphur_rock09 - rare dry sulphur spots
-Sand_02 - underwater and coastlines
-AI_mudflats_01.tga - underwater in the inner sea for diversity
-AC_Scrubplain_02 - fertile areas around settlements, near AO, and by the Inner Sea.
-T_Mw_TerrCrackedEarth_01 - underwater and coastlines
-T_Mw_TerrCrackEarth_SS_01 - dry spots and dirt roads
-T_Mw_TerrAshDirtSS_01 - regular dirt and dry spots and around volcanos
-T_De_SetInd_TxCobbleStone_02 - Stone roads
-WG_Cobblestones - Velothi towns
-MA_lavaflow - Foyadas / volcanos
-MA_lavacrust.tga - Foyadas / volcanos
-MA_lava** - Foyadas / volcanos


-terrain_ma_rock22 - uncommon
-terrain_ma_rock32 - uncommon
-terrain_cairn_ma_** (place near dungeon entrances as landmarks) 
-T_Mw_TerrRockMA_Plateau_** - large cliffs and volcanoes
-T_Mw_TerrSulphur_Pool** (activator) - pair with yellow_1024_01 lights
-Ex_MH_Pav_Water_Spray - scale from 1.0 to 2.0 for variation, place in geyser pools (regular water, not sulphuric) - add a damage activator spawner where the spray appears.
- volcano_steam (activator) - in sulphur pools, dried up sulphur pools and volcanic hot spots

Static Flora:

-NO FLORA_ASHTREE. We use these a lot and don't want SS to be just another AA or just another MA.
-flora_trama_shrub_** - Uncommon huge bush, usually prefer the container version
-T_Mw_FloraSS_Palm_** - On the inner sea coast and near water
-(Scathecraw trees) - 
-(Sulphiric WIllows) - Near sulphur
-flora_ash_grass_b/R/W_01 - common grasses
-Flora_treedead_MH_** - common trees, more frequent near water and further south near AO
-flora_muckpod_** - near muckspunge

Container Flora (and other non-flora things with the same function):

-T_Mw_Fauna_VentWorm_** - Around volcanic hot spots
-T_Mw_Mine_OreSulfur** - Near sulphur pools and rocks
-flora_rm_scathecraw_**/T_Mw_Flora_Scathecraw** - Common, large leafy bush type plant
-flora_plant_05/06/T_Mw_Flora_Swtbarrel_** - Common cactus
-contain_trama_shrub_** - common huge vine bush
-tramaroot_** - common vine
-T_Mw_Flora_Blackrose_** - uncommon flower, away from sulphur
-flora_ash_yam_** - uncommon in the wild, more common on the ashdirt texture
-flora_red_lichen_**/T_Mw_Flora_LichenRd03 - grows on rocks
-T_Mw_Flora_LichenYw** - grows on rocks
-T_Mw_Flora_Hamumroot - uncommon, in fertile areas away from sulphur
-(alchemists globe) - in shallow water
-T_Mw_FloraSS_RougeCam** - fungus to place in groups
-flora_muckspunge_** - near water, pair with static muckpods
-flora_saltrice_** - inner sea coast
-flora_marshmerrow_** - inner sea coast

Cultivated Flora:

-flora_ash_yam_** - common crop
-T_Mw_Flora_Hamumroot - common crop

Cavern Flora:

-T_Mw_Fauna_VentWorm_** (container) - Volcanic caves
-(alchemists globe) - in shallow water
- T_Mw_FloraSS_RougeCam** (container) - common fungus
-flora_red_lichen_**/T_Mw_Flora_LichenRd03 (container) - grows on rocks
-T_Mw_Flora_LichenYw** (container) - grows on rocks
-in_cave_plant** (static)

Vertex Shading:
-Under statics: 113,104,91
-Between textures: 165,159,132
-Sulphur stains: 162,146,83
-Under grass and on the shore: 168,168,168

General Design Points:

Molag Amur minus spire rocks and dead trees. More like the scathes area of Molag Amur and not the Foyada sections. The region is pretty open with lots of sulphur pools.

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- terrain_ma_rock22

- terrain_ma_rock32

- terrain_cairn_ma_01/02/03 (place near dungeon entrances as landmarks) 

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