Switching from HD Tamriel Data to Vanilla?

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2017-03-06 19:26
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So I got everything installed and it works great, but I noticed I was getting some noticable framerate dips in the larger Tamriel Rebuilt cities.

I assumed it was, at least partly, due to the fact that I went with the HD Tamriel Data so I was thinking of switching to the Vanilla TR Data. Is this an easy switch? Can I overwrite the HD files with the Vanilla files and switch the .esp files and go about my business? Or am I going to need to do a full re-install?

Also, I run MGSO just fine with it's updated textures with little to no framefate dipping anywhere. Would replacing the TR Data files even help with this, or are the larger cities just system intensive regardless?

Thanks, and outstanding work!

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2014-03-16 17:45
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For switching to the non-HQ TR_Data, you just need to look at the name of the .BSA file, which is different, and change it accordingly in Morrowind.ini no - they should have the same name so just copying over works.

I don't expect that the HD version of Tamriel_Data is the main reason for your FPS drops though, because few of the models currently used in TR should be different in the HD. Low FPS is generally caused by the number of models (faces) present in a cell. Vanilla landscapes and cities have very few objects so even if MGSO is something heavy, it may not affect them much. On the other hand MGSO might make TR cities noticeably heavier on your setup.