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2015-12-18 05:16
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tl;dr: I've made a German translation of Tamriel Data. It is currently mostly machine-translated, but I will fix translations over time. I have also translated Project: Cyrodiil and Skyrim: Home of the Nords -- see the following links. If you speak German, I need your help playtesting these mods.

This is Apoapse, a developer with the TR team. I've noticed that an important missing component of both TR and PT has been localizations -- using standard methods, translating these mods would be a tremendous task. To fill this gap, I've been working on a script to translate TR/PT into other languages semi-automatically.

At this point, I've been able to translate HotN, P:C, and Tamriel Data into German, although they are currently mostly machine-translated. I will be fixing these translations over time, and I will also be translating TR. Later, I will translate all four plugins into French as well.

However, I need help and feedback to make this project work! Here's how to help:

  • If you speak German, please playtest this plugin, ideally using the German version of Morrowind.
  • Please PM me with any errors or inconsistencies that you find, as well as general feedback.
  • If you speak a different language, please PM me as well! I might be able to work with you to translate TR/PT into the languages you want.

Finally, temper your expectations. This is very much in a beta stage right now. While I will work to make these localizations entirely understandable and functional, there may be inconsistencies or other issues due to the translation APIs I'm using. In particular, the following are known issues:

  • A handful of names of items/cells are not translated at all. This is an API issue, and I am fixing it right now.
  • Some houses show up as "Joe es Haus", instead of "Joes Haus".
  • Some dialogue responses are too long, and so they are cut off.


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