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The EXOTIC PLANT is a large plant fiber that grows in warm, moist, mountainous regions of southern Morrowind. This plant is known for it's large inverted mushroom shaped pods, which have sentient tendrils that dangle down from the pods. While once found in native conditions, this plant thrives in plantation conditions. Though due to the conditions and farming style that is required to grow this delicate fiber, only the wealthiest of Houses and families are known to grow these plants. 

These plants contain large clumps of exotic fiber that can be harvested and used to make beautiful fabrics and materials--and is sought after throughout the reaches of Tamriel. The plant is harvested by slaves, who use a hook style blade to latch onto the dangling tendrils--which are connected to the fiber shells. After connecting to the tendrils, the slave would run to the side, causing tension on the tendrils, thus pulling out the fiber shells--which would be collected in the slaves basket backpack. 

[Below are some rough sketches on what I imagined the plant would look like, and a mock sketch of what these farms would look like. I would imagine that the plantation home would be located at the base of these terrace hills. It may be hard to notice, but the idea is that there would be walking platforms that would be built onto the edge of each layer, which the slaves would use to walk around the hill, to use their tools to collect the fiber. These plants would be much larger than the player and the NPCs, which would be an interesting site to see when a user would stumble across one of these farms. I imagine that the player would see slaves moving on various platforms that wrapped around the levels of these terraces, while possibly an overseer kept watch. At night part of the leaves and pod would glow in the dark, which would provide a nice ambience for the player. In terms of story possibilities, I imagine stories and quests dealing with Slaves (possible revolt?) or dealing with the politics of these massive House Plantations which provide much needed material to create clothing for not only Morrowind, but the other provinces. These are just some ideas of the top of my head, anyone that would like to use these sketches to flesh out and create more detailed drawings may do so.]

Plant Overview:

Rough Sketch of the Terrace Farms, with the cliff platforms: