There souldn't be Almsivi Marker in Vos

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2017-06-04 07:39
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Hi all and thanks for working on the mod. I have a complaint. You added an Almsivi marker in the village of Vos. Vos is the part of original game and it never had an Almsivi marker. Every Morrowind player knows there's Almsivi temples wihout Almsivi markers, such as in Suran and Maar Gan. It applies to Vos too. You may think that it is logical that every Temple should have a marker according to the lore, but doing so you neglect the fact that Morrowind is 18 years old and some people, like me, have been playing it for almost all these 18 years. They remember exactly where Almsivi intervention teleports to from every settlement in Morrowind. You get them into frustration every time they use Almsivi intervention from Grazelands and east Ashlands and find themselves in different location than they are heading to. Until this time you have been following your own rule that changing content on Vvardenfell (except some dialogues) is a taboo, and it was good. Vvardenfell is a place which we know, which we got used to and which we would like to see untouched. The world of Vvardenfell may have some irrational details but that's how it was from the beginning and those are parts of the whole. That's bad to change things on Vvardenfell. Please remove the Almsivi marker from Vos.

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2016-10-09 23:10
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The reason for this is because without it, I'm pretty sure players will end up on the mainland instead of Vvardenfell when using the spell in some of those places. One solution would be to have your mark set in a town with a mages guild so you can easily get back on the travel network regardless of where you were.

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2015-09-28 20:13
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Yes, that is the reason. Without the marker, people will teleport to Ranyon-Ruhn from basically all of Map 1 and large parts of the Grazelands, which is even less desirable.

We do not add a lot of things to Vvardenfell, but this is one of them. Out of all the shrines, this is probably the one most deserving of a marker anyway. The rest are in even smaller settlements and pilgrimage locations.

The marker in Vos is added in the TR_Travels, the same plugins which edit the vanilla travel NPCs - which also changes what Morrowind players are accustomed to. It is, in other words, completely optional. This was put to a very public discussion back in 2017 and the overwhelming feedback we got was to keep it optional, which we did.


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2019-02-19 00:46
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Vos has a temple even if it didn't have an amsilvi marker.  I've used divine and got taken to firewatch when i was much closer to sadrith mora