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2016-10-12 19:13
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Hi folks!

Have been posting on Discord in the last few days about my showcase, including a first version of it, so I won't add much here.  This is the first mod I've ever tried to make.  It's supposed to fit an ex_hlaalu_b_09 exterior.  Interior is still a little sparse (it only had about 70 misc items placed on furn_de_p furniture), but I wanted feedback on how I've placed/rotated the objects already there before I add any more. 

I welcome any and all feedback/crticism!  I really hope I can work up to the TR standards and start contributing.


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2016-10-09 23:10
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File here.

Binary Data TheStones_Showcase_v._1.1_-_Cleaned.ESP11.27 KB2018-07-10 01:31
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Fürst Thal
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2018-01-22 22:14
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Hello Stone and nice to have you here. 

I have finally found time to review it and I can say that it looks very promising.

Clean: Yes
Lightning: Good.
Northmarker: Not required.
Illegal to sleep: Yes.



misc_com_wood_knife(3times): Floats, take a close look at it.
misc_de_muck_shovel_01: Not touching the wall.
ingred_bread_01(3times): Floats over the p_bookshelf.
misc_com_bottle_02: Floats.


T_MwCom_Var_Sk3Hackle09: Bleeds a bit to much into the crate, try placing it a bit further away from it.



chitin pauldron - right: Floats.
chitin guantlet - right: Floats.
chitin boots: Floats.
chitin greaves: Floats.
common_belt_02: Floats. Rotate it into a better position.
ingred_hackle-lo_leaf_01: Floats.
T_De_HackloPipe_01: Floats.


in_h_trapdoor_01: Bleeds into the wall.


Please replace the black lights with normall ones.
Also, maybe increase the height of the tapestrys.
The stonewares should also be replaced with redware maybe.

Outside of this the only other thing missing is some more detailing, just think about ramdon stuff any house needs and place that somewhere where there currently is nothing. Like a shelf on the wall with a lamp and folded cloth on it, just random stuff.

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2016-10-12 19:13
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Awesome, thanks!  Really appreciate it!  It definitely needs more clutter, but wanted to make sure I was getting the hang of the rotations before I added too much more.  I did have a hard time getting stuff to not bleed or float on the furn_de_p furniture (which I know is the point of the exercise :) ).

I’ll go through and make the edits in the next 2-3 days and clutter more. Excited to get back to work on it! Thanks again!

EDIT: One question: if I increase the height of the tapestries then a chunk of the wood the tapestry is hung on will bleed into the ceiling.  I assume this is okay?  I saw that the TR interiors guide mentions tapestries bleeding into the ceiling but it wasn’t clear to me what was allowed and what wasn’t, which is why I made them as is.  Happy to change them though! 

Also, I’ll definitely go through and change the stoneware to redware.  I had used the stoneware initially because it’s a Dunmer TR asset and I wanted to try to use some of those.  Will change it though, if that’s best!  Thanks again for the feedback!