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2016-06-19 04:17
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I’m a frequent contributor to a TES Mods Wiki. I saw about this mod on its Instagram page and got excited about the fact that there is a part of modding community still active and dedicated on modding TES3: Morrowind. On the wiki on which I contribute, I rarely see mods from Oblivion and have really not seen an active mod for Morrowind. On top of that, this is not a new mod, but is actually in development since 2002. Hence when I saw TR, I didn’t wait long to create it’s page on the wiki. I really appreciate the Tamriel Rebuilt’s Team effort in continuing the work.

Ironically,frown I don’t own Morrowind, and probably will never have the opportunity to try out this project. But still want to spread the word about it. This can be a nice reason for those who have it to go back and enjoy the old classic. 

Getting to the point why I’m here, the page that I created for Tamriel Rebuilt on TES Mods Wiki is nothing more than a skeleton page. It needs to be expanded by an end user’s perspective. I’m aware that there is a lot more information on UESP already, and many people find it a proper source of information than the wikis. But then again, when there’s a Wiki dedicated to TES Mods, why not describe this project there too.

Expanding the work on TES Mods wiki is just a suggestion. If anyone thinks it is worth the effort, you can go to the below mentioned link and expand the content over there. I may not be able to help content-wise, but sure will help in any other way possible. And when I say ‘anyone’ I don’t only mean the TR Team, but anyone who has played this mod.

There’s really nothing there to see right now, but here’s the page - >