TR plugin (esp) for Vvardenfell edits

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2014-03-16 17:45
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What is it?
Even before the notion of editing Vvardenfell was made into a formal anouncement, the plan was to keep intrusive edits to a plugin-- just one of those decisions that have since been forgotten. The main reason then was enabling edits to Morrowind.esm, and technically keeping the edits optional and compatible. Summary of arguments, present day:
- certain edits are impossible without it (apparently not?)
- more compatibility with other mods and ability to overwrite them with a later load date
- a plugin is already planned for some quests
- it seems impossible to merge the whole mainland in the CS anymore so TR may have to learn how to juggle several files again eventually (4gb patch has solved this for now)

Case study:


Very good points, why is this even an argument?

- for other modders, the smart way to look at this is that the plugin should always be used and that they can choose whether to load before or after TR's edits, which is good for them. The less smart but technically no less valid way is that if modders wanted to make 2 versions of their mods before (one with TR, one without), they might feel the need to make 3 (one with quests plugin, one without). I think that's not much of a concern and being able to edit out the bloody Solstheim topic is more important.
- even though using several files might end up being unavoidable, it adds to the list of things to do on implementation. The ESM files can't depend on the ESP files: for them to be able to refer to anything from e.g. the quest plugin, the ESMs will need to have dummy records of all quest IDs.