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2015-08-10 20:50
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We don't seem to have a proper thread for tracking and discussing changes to the fast travel network. While I intend to edit this post with maps and have tidy proposals here and everything, for now I'm just going to post notes I jotted down during a recent playrest of the in development TR_Mainland file:


-the ship plank to the cutter isn't entirely necessary, especially if the position of the cutter gets a slight adjustment. I could already walk up the steps.
-TR_m2_Derana Llenam is standing too far from the ship. She should either be standing next to the ship plank or on the ship. She should have wander set to 0. Even though I knew she was the travel service provider from the CS, I instinctively went to the NPC on the large ship and the NPC on the cutter first because they were positioned the way I expected travel service providers to be, while she was wanding up and down the quay.
-the travel to the lighthouse seemed really clumsy to me in implementation; the destination being Wilderness is never good. It sort of reveals the issue of having a lighthouse on a separate island like that. If must be, I guess providing passage via dialogue -- probably free of charge -- might be better.
-I'm really not feeling the small ship that goes up river. Its posiitoning is far too inconvenient. The distance between travel services was even further and more circuitous than it looked in the CS. At a squeeze, a longship would be able to reach Tel Gilan. Moving a few rocks and other statics aside would be a quick and easy improvement. A low bridge further up river would stop any ship from reaching Tel Drevis, however small. I personally wouldn't connect Tel Drevis to a travel node, as it is too minor a location. If the connection stays, it might as well use a longship.

Gol Mok

-side issue, and I think this was my implementation, but I found the dirt path on the island west of Gol Mok really hard to follow at night. A light or two here would help.
-IMO the longship should stay where it was. TR_m4_Grum_Gro-Shalug could be changed into the travel service provider, standing next to a perfectly serviceable skiff.

Mundrethi Slave Market

-it would be good to replace the rowboat with something that can travel a bit further...

Oran Plantation


Almas Thirr

-side issue, but as noted in discussion there needs to be a way to get out of the water. IIRC I actually intended the net ramp to be that, and also actually used for fishing, which is as dubious in hindsight as its implementation. Might be good to edit it accordingly and relocate the service provider...
-the boat is really far from the other travel services, but this issue could perhaps be resolved in the Almas Thirr shuffle.

Roa Dyr

-another side issue as noted in #organization-halfway, but boy this needs some tweaking.


-the longship service provider should stay, but is located badly (how didn't I see this before?) Should either be standing next to the ship planks or on the ship.
-I kind of preferred the skiff here, but it works as is. NPC should have wander set to 0.


-NPC should not have wander package; a bit weird to use that NPC given their gear.