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2016-10-10 22:03
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Hi! Maybe in far future TR will be translated into different languages and may appear translation difficulties. So I decided to start this topic to collect names and titles which are difficult to define.

First I can't understand what is it "aena" and how to translate it. So I need definition of this word.

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2014-03-16 17:45
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"aena" doesn't mean anything, or if it was supposed to there is nobody left who remembers what.

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2015-09-28 20:13
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Digging through dialogue and old forum topics, it seems that "Aena" is an "alternative chitin" kind of native armor/weapon set. It's created the same way bonemold is, but from beetle shells. There does not seem to have been a meaning behind this name even then, so just skip on translating it.