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2016-04-11 23:14
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Ive have recently been vexed by the update process for prserving a save game while using TR.Ussually, I would just uninstall and reinstall, but I want to keep using my current character.What Ive been confused by is the wyre mash update process, specifically, the first part,

“Put both new and old versions of the Mod in the Data Files directory.”

Since they both have the same name, they overwrite each other. I have considered changing the new versions under a diffrent name and changing the master files, but I have a few other mods that require TR, and am worried of any probems I may have in updating and changing the masters.

Before I begin this update process, I want find out if there is another way that is not so difficult to do.

Thank you

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2015-12-12 23:47
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Depending on where exactly you’ve been, you may be able to simply overwrite the old data files with the new ones and be done with it. This isn’t always the best way to do it, but it can generally work. Then, use Wrye Mash to clean your save file and make sure its masters are up to date. If you try this, make sure you A: have a copy of the old savegame file stashed away in case it goes horribly wrong, and B: have a copy of the old version of TR so you can re-overwrite the masters again with it if needed.


That said, some of the other devs may be able to give you better advice and a more reliable method to update your savegame.

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2016-01-21 17:58
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if you have other mods that require TR masters you must learn/use Mash updaters


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2016-05-17 02:39
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Hi, I followed the directions you linked to and still am having issues with the references not connecting, etc. 

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2015-07-05 20:55
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What version of TR did you originally have?