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2019-11-16 11:45
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Hi there,
I used to be an active modder for TR a loooong time ago, but my old account was disabled, so I am creating this one. I like the direction this mod is going recently would be happy to help out again. However the problem is I do only have a limited time due to a family life.
Previously I used to do some exterior work (which is probably quite outdated due to current standards) and also wrote and implemented several quests, but I might not have that much time to playtest anything and maybe not even to work with CS this time around. Is there any other way I could contribute? Quest design, writing, maybe. I am not a native speaker, though.

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2018-08-13 09:52
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Hey, for what your interested in I'd reccomend checking the discord where the teams more active and able to answer questions: https://discordapp.com/invite/9T6TtNU

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