Credit to chef
Concept art for the Malacath + Sotha Sil Daedric helms, as well as some creatures + character illustrations. -- art by Dharma PR
Various concepts for House Telvanni, which includes: clothing, armor, creatures, architecture, flora, regions, and characters. -- Art by Feivelyn
Concept art for Bonemold and other Tamrielic sets -- by Pickles
Some concept art for armor sets ranging from several houses, classes, and races.
A gallery for maps of Almalexia plans.
A selection of concepts for daedra, as depicted in books.
A selection of concepts for various fauna for Morrowind's mainland regions.
A collection of concepts for new plants and mushrooms, for no particular region.
A selection of concepts for House Dres.
A selection of concept art about House Indoril.