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A Handful of History

In the beginning was Redguard.

Shipping with the First Edition Pocket Guide to the Empire, The Elder Scrolls: Redguard continued the soft reboot of Julian LeFay’s Elder Scrolls that began with Battlespire’s Daedric politics and culminated in Morrowind’s alien, haunting athmosphere.

Modders Wanted

Tamriel Rebuilt is always looking for help! But sometimes we need extra help in specific areas. This page is kept updated with all the jobs we need filled. Remember that the TR Modder’s Guide contains the information you need to get started. (Make sure to read the guidelines in there if you’re new or returning!)

Progress Report

Tamriel Rebuilt
Progress Report by Region

As of 16.12 Release

Tamriel Rebuilt develops its new content by region. The current region map is shown below. The regions are listed below based on what stage of the pipeline they are in, and are marked as currently included in TR_Mainland or in TR_Preview, and also if they are in active development. Completed regions are included in TR_Mainland, and regions that are still in progress are in TR_Preview.


Tamriel Rebuilt’s Development Pipeline

Since Tamriel Rebuilt is a very large project, we have a pipeline system that we use to develop our content. This pipeline system is broken down into various stages, and each section that we are working on is tagged as being in a particular stage. If you’re looking for a rundown on how far along in development we are, check the progress report.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bugs and Errors

Q: I installed Tamriel Rebuilt and I keep seeing exclamation marks everywhere! Why?
Q: I’m getting “actor has no animation class” errors! Why?
Q: I coc to Firewatch and my game crashes after a ton of error messages! Why?
Q: I’m getting crazy error messages about missing meshes and missing items.

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