Things to Remember [Morrowind]

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Things to Remember [Morrowind]

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I will post little helpful tidbits in this thread for people to see that might help with creating a regulation for quests. I only have one topic now, but hopefully this will grow with time

Dialogue Greetings
If you dont know where to put different dialogue greetings, then this is what you should remember

Greeting 0 - Criminal Dialogue, generally quest dialogue should not be placed here, as crime dialogue should supercede most quest dialogue

Greeting 1 - Non faction quest greetings should go in this greeting number. If the NPC you are talking to is in a faction, the greeting should not be in this spot. Place all greetings below the Oath of Silence greeting at the very top.

Greeting 2 - All Vampire quest greetings go here

Greeting 3 - unknown

Greeting 4 - Common people who dont wanna talk to you cause of disease or crime dialogue should go in this greeting

Greeting 5 - all Faction specific quest greetings should go in this greeting

Greeting 6 - all Faction greetings (not related to quests) should go in this greeting

Greeting 7 - All casual and locational greetings go here for specific NPCs

Greeting 8 - All clothing greetings go here

Greeting 9 - All locational greetings not for specific NPCs go here
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