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13 Dec 2004


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21 Aug 2003

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Edited for Grammar and Spelling- not for lore. As always, errors in red and suggestions in blue. To the author: I think long ago, the moderator decided to use only American spellings in order to streamline the game with morrowind. But don’t hold me to it and if Earl sees fit to leave the English spellings in, then don’t change them. Nicely done.

Kynareth’s Second Gift

It was Kynareth who in the first age gave to Lord Morihaus of Skyrim the artifact now known variously as the Armour Armor of Morihaus or the Lord’s Mail, which passes from time to time into the possession of Kynareth’s most favoured favored. The Lord’s Mail is one of the most famed artifacts of Tamriel. try combining sentences here But there was a second , less known gift which Kynareth made to Lord Morihaus, the Sky Robe, a magical garment fashioned from mist and silver thread. This granted Lord Morihaus the freedom of the air 'freedom of the air' makes little sense, try ‘freedom to travel by air’ and was of great aid to him in his struggle against the Daedric spirits.

The first age also saw the coming of Alessia, the Slave Queen, who with her followers rose up in rebellion against the White Gold Tower, and with her insurrection came a great change in the fortunes of men. The Lady Alessia’s army joined forces with the Skyrim nords and together these armies of man take out ‘of man’ if you want obliterated the rule of Ayleid and conquered Cyrodiil. During this war, the Queen met and fell in love with the Skyrim hero Lord Morihaus. It is said that the Lord only rediscovered laughter and joy after he entwined his life with the Slave Queen. In his love for her Morihaus gifted As a gift of his love and gratitude, Morihaus bestowed to Alessia the Sky Robe which Kynareth had gifted to him.

But Morihaus soon died, killed even before he could see his lover made Empress of Cyrodiil, and with him went much of Alessia’s care for the world. Thus her’s was a cold rule. After Alessia’s own passing from the world of men, the Sky Robe was to remain a part of the lesser regalia of the new Cyrodiilic Empire. But things that pass from gods to men can never be locked away like the forgotten trinkets of lovers long lost, and so the Sky Robe would not lie undisturbed.

During the last days of the Direnni Clan, as men sought to finally destroy this powerful Elven force, a Direnni agent successfully plundered the White Gold Tower’s deepest treasury. The Sky Robe was lost and thus, this gift of Kynareth was never to return to the hands of men. The Direnni, seeking to avoid catastrophe, forged a brief alliance with the troll-king Memgenzo of Skyrim. In exchange for the Sky Robe and other treasures, the ancient Memgenzo and his troll horde fought the nords, this action is believed to have bought the Direnni a valuable (if temporary) breathing space.

The troll-king is thought to hold the Sky Robe to this day, deep beneath the Dragontail Mountains in the fastness vastness of his underkeep caverns. He knows from whence it came and gloats over his godly prize, snatched from the feeble fingers of men.

Bringing back the old school
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