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So, you want to be a Reviewer? Reviewer is not just a fancy title; it's a responsibility. The job involves checking interiors submitted to TR for errors, as well as putting up with Thrignar Fraxix and other devastatingly devastating folks. The workload depends largely on the amount and urgency of the interiors awaiting review, on the person themselves, and on how busy the Head of Reviewers (HoR) is.

You must be a TR Modder to become a reviewer, preferably one with a few interiors that passed review without being sent back. The only exception to this is if you are a fantastic reviewer and the HoRs (Thrignar Fraxix and Seneca37) are impressed enough to make an exception.

If you’re still reading, then you really are interested. After you complete your review, PM it to Seneca37. Don’t worry; there is no way to fail this test. If you do badly, you can just retake it again as many times as you want. If you take it too many times though and still don't pass, we do recommend that you make an interior or two before trying again. Test results will be graded on a "when we get to it" basis. This generally is never more than a few days though.

Please use the various FAQs and 'Stickied' threads on interior-making and naming conventions. Smile

Just to Reiterate: SEND RESULTS TO SENECA37


How to apply for a reviewer position: Download the .esp file below (make sure you download the correct file for your game), and give it a review! This is what you should list, preferably in this order:

1) Is the claim clean or dirty? In other words, does it edit items or cells that don't belong in the claim?
2) Does it fit the exterior? While this is hard to determine for the test cell, it is very important for the real ints. Is the interior the right shape? Does it have windows/doors/etc. in the right places? Is it the correct tileset?
3) North marker. Does it have one? Is it set correctly? This is also determined by looking at the exterior.
4) Loading errors. Did you encounter any besides the usual? Please make sure you loaded ALL the correct master files and have the latest TR_Data files.
5) The actual review. List physical errors (floating objects, objects that 'bleed' into a wall, floor, or another object, etc.), Lore issues (improper furniture mixing, unique Items, etc.), and anything else you find (incorrect light settings, illegal-to-sleep-here box not checked, etc.). Don't forget to playtest the int to see if some issues pop up ingame (passages too narrow to go through etc.).
6) Rating and Comment. Rate the interior on a scale from 0 to 10, where 10 is the highest. The comment can be anything, from "I'll hang myself if this is approved!" to "I love your use of the Dwemer spheres, they make me purr."


 Filename:  TRMWrevTEST.esp
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I have edited the OP, making it point to seneca37 rather than TF. This is probably temporary, so please remind me to change it back when necessary (or do it yourself if you have the rights). I also replaced OOT by TR_Data and added a sentence about testing ingame.
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