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      The Ballad of Jean and Mori

      In the early summer of 4E 433, Cassius Stirk III took his children, Morihatha, Sevillus, and Castameloria to Daggerfall. There, Morihatha met Jean Ciscotte (Jhahn Kiskaught), a middle class local man with a passion for the sea and it was love at first sight, yadda yadda yadda. Unfortunately, Jean's father died in 429 and his mother was sick and needed someone to care for her. To make matters worse, when Morihatha asked Cassius to allow her to marry him and stay in Daggerfall, he refused. While old Stirk was a loving father, he felt this was too rushed and didn't like her marrying someone of a lower class. But Jean and Mori were not to be separated. They planned to write to each other as frequently as possible and swore to each other that they would reunite some day.

      It so happened that, while on holiday, Cassius found an opportunity to invest in an extremely promising ebony mine being planned just west of Anticlere. Therefore, he had to extend his stay. The kids returned to Stirk without him, he was going to come a few weeks later.

      So he did. He found a ship stopping of at Stirk before heading to Firsthold, the Kintyra II. At the same time, Jean Ciscotte's cousin Paurenn arrived, having lost his home to a tragic fire. He promised to take care of Jean's mother while Jean went to find Morihatha again. He found work aboard a ship heading to Stirk and then Firsthold. Indeed, it was the Kintyra II.

      This is all Morihatha knows, as her last correspondence with Jean and Cassius was from two letters her family received. Neither knew at the time of the other's passage aboard the Kintyra II. The ship was due in 2 weeks before the player arrived. She had been checking for information from the fort and lighthouse every day, but she hasn't heard anything and she thought they weren't being straight with her. Three days ago, she just fell into a depression and hasn't gone since. She asks the player to ask Julia Basilla for her, maybe she'll give a better answer to the player.

      Julia tells her that Morihatha has been asking every day and she's been giving her the straight dope. However, a girl named Helga showed up recently, wouldn't say how she got to the island. Julia says that she thinks she got there by sneaking aboard a smuggling ship and jumping off when it passed Stirk, there's a line run by Khajiit that goes from Anvil to Senchal (this line appears in the mainquest), she was probably trying to escape the Crisis. Realizing the problems with this idea, Helga found herself stuck on the island with no way to survive, offering herself to people on the island. This attempt earned her the nickname Open-Legs and a trip to the prison.

      If the player goes to the fort, Helga Open-Legs will offer her information in exchange for pay, hoping to get enough to post bail and leave. When the player agrees, she tells them that she is not from Anvil, but from Daggerfall. She was aboard the Kintyra II, but it sank northwest of Stirk. Most of the crew drowned, but she saw three others who survived. Unfortunately for them, they climbed aboard a boat that they believed would take them to shore, but before she got on she clearly saw that it was filled with goblins. The goblins clearly took these three men captive. She doesn't know what became of them, but in the morning she found herself at the shore thankful to be alive.

      If the player asks around, they'll find out about Broken Fang Cave on the north side of the island, which people thought was empty. When they go there, they find that it is, in fact, full of goblins. At the end of their little dungeon crawl, they see a skeleton, the body of Cassius Stirk, and a cage with Jean Ciscotte in it. The player frees him, and he tells his story after they get out of the stinking dungeon.

      Since boarding the ship, they have had terrible luck. Storms, pirates, dreugh, on and on. They did, however, make it to Stros M'kai on time and restocked. There, while stocking the ship, Jean sees Cassius Stirk for the first time. Instantly recognizing him, he ducks into another area and knows that if he sees him all hope of reuniting with his beloved Mori is lost. Considering the luck he's had so far, it was perfectly natural that three nights later, he opens the wrong crate when trying to get some potatoes and finds himself staring at a mountain of Skooma vials. He picks one up, opens the lid, and sniffs it to make sure it's what he thinks it is. It is at this moment that the captain and Cassius Stirk opened the door to the hold (Cassius had wanted a tour of the lower areas, and the captain was happy to oblige) and saw him with the Skooma.

      Cassius recognized him instantly, and was furious. While before he had just thought it was an unwise decision his daughter was rushing in to, he know knew that this young vagabond was trying to corrupt his little girl with drugs! It was agreed that they would not mention him to Morihatha, but that they would take him directly to prison once they reached First Hold, and he was to be locked up until then.

      He spent the next week depressed in a small room, being slipped meals made from the food that had got him in this mess in the first place. It was on the night before their arrival that he heard a great cracking noise, and then the sound of rushing water. He had had a lock pick on him (like every good prisoner should) and, convinced the ship was sinking, picked the lock and ran into the hall. There was another crack and water burst into his part of the ship. He ran upwards, hearing the shouts of the crew and the passengers, and when he had just reached the deck, and saw the captain yelling orders, the boat flipped. Nearly drowned, he grabbed on to two empty barrels and attempted to paddle to shore. He quickly met up with Cassius Stirk, weakly lying on a small group of borders still stuck together.

      It was not long before they were joined by the captain, and the three of them attempted to paddle to shore, looking for survivors. Suddenly, they saw a light, and were certain it was a boat coming to their rescue. It was a small rowboat, but when they climbed aboard they saw three goblins staring at them with a hungry grin. One was a shaman; he waved his hands and the next thing Jean knew they were trapped in that cage.

      The captain was their first. They gruesomely killed him right before Jean's eyes, and proceeded to prepare his body for eating. While trapped in this hellish prison, Jean and Cassius spoke to each other. Jean explained that he was not a sugar head and that he truly loved Morihatha. Cassius gave him his approval to marry her, if it mattered, and the very next day the goblins killed him. The day after that, however, the player arrived and we return to our current point in the story.

      Jean returns with the player and the news of Cassius's death to Morihatha and the family, all of whom are deeply saddened. In an attempt to move on, Mori and Jean leave two days later to return to his home. The rest of the family sadly accepts things, and buries Cassius. Cartello is very happy to have the position of Captain of the Guard permanently. The end.

      Ten Fancy Crests under the Sea

      But this isn't the only quest involved in the shipwreck. After speaking to Helga, Orenius will confront you about what she told you. If you tell him, he will be saddened of the news not only because of Cassius's death, but also because they had ordered 10 new crests for Stirk (downsized shields with the Stirk coat of arms) that were on the ship. While Cassius's life could not be brought back, he was always a frugal man and wouldn't want the ship's cargo to go to waste. Hopefully, they haven't rusted enough to be worthless.

      When the player goes to the ship, they will find 8 of them. The other two are on the bodies of two of the goblins. They return to Orenius and get a nice reward for their efforts.

      Helga Open-Leg's Sealed Lips

      If the player hasn't talked to Morihatha, Orenius will ask them to get Helga to open up about what happened. She does, and the Ten Fancy Crests quest begins, leading to the second entrance into the Ballad of Jean and Mori.

      Ballad of Jean and Mori - Back Entrance

      If the player goes through the goblin cave without having gotten the quest, he will get the quest from speaking to Jean and start there. It will be much shorter, of course.

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In the early summer of 4E 433, Cassius Stirk III took his children, Morihatha, Sevillus, and to Daggerfall


Realizing the problems with this idea, Julia found herself stuck on the island with no way to survive, offering herself to people on the island. This attempt earned her the nickname Open-Legs and a trip to the prison.

you mean Helga Wink

how many quests will stirk have anyways? i dont think we should overload such a small island....

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Castameloria, Yes, 5 misc and the main.
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Quest is finished.
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