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How to claim something at Tamriel Rebuilt.

The new claiming system can be found at the bottom of the forums, right before the 'Last 10 Posts' window and above News forums. It's divided into several major categories: Exteriors, Interiors, Models, Quests, and Sounds. Each of these forums contain similar sets of six sub forums: Unclaimed, Pending, Claimed, Reviewing, Finished and Not Available. Out of these, Reviewing and Not Available are invisible to normal users.

What the syntax means
Each claim has a specific syntax, divided into three sections: In the first section, a letter denotes what type of claim it is, followed by a number to denote what map(what section of Morrowind/Hammerfell the claim exists in). In the second section exists whatever number the claim is(Example: If it is the 1st claim to be made of that type in that map, the # is 1. If it is the 2nd, the # is 2 etc.). In the third and final section exists the Faction/Type of the claim. If it is an area-affecting claim, it will have groups such as the Morrowind Great Houses, or the Hammerfell factions. Below is a list of what letters denote what types of claims:

E - Exteriors
I - Interiors
N - Objects
Q - Quests
S - Sounds

How to claim

You make claims in the Unclaimed forums. There, you will see a 'Claim' button at the upper right corner in each claim thread. You can also claim in the forum view by clicking on the 'Free for claiming' text.

Here are two pictures:

In the next screen, you're asked to write a message:

"Are you sure you want to claim this claim? If yes, please write below what you are going to do with the claim."

Please follow the instructions and write the message, then press "Claim" button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

After claiming, you must wait for a moderator to grant it. It might take anything from one hour to a couple of days, depending how busy the moderators are.

How to post progress reports

When you have claimed something and the claim has been granted, you should post progress reports periodically, if making the claim takes longer than a week. To do this, your thread is moved to the Claimed forums. As the claimer, you will see a different interface than the others reading that thread:

You will notice the progress setting thing as well as the file uploading interface. You can, and are encouraged to, upload unfinished versions of bigger claims as backups. You can not delete the files yourself, which is done to prevent accidental file deletion. We want to spare everything in case there is a hard drive crash. You never know.

You should also set the claim progress as how you feel it is progressing. That way, moderators can easily see what state a claim is in. When you think the claim is all done, set progress to 100%. Then, a moderator will submit it for reviewing.

In the case your claim might not pass the review, it can be sent back to the claimer for additional detailing and fixing. You will then receive a private message and the claim will be moved back to the 'Claimed' forums. Then, you must repeat the process of attaching a fixed version of the claim (be sure to mark it as fixed!) and setting the progress back to 100% for another submission.

Dropping claims

If you want to abandon a claim for some reason, do so in the claim's own thread. It will be checked soon by a moderator. Please upload your latest work-in-progress file to the claim thread before you ask for revocation.

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