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22 Jan 2006

At any rate, I still don't think the idea is worth it. We'd have to do it consistently (i.e. not just in one place) to make it the least bit convincing. That means it's a bunch of work to illustrate a made-up idea that doesn't make a lot of sense to begin with.

As to texts and dialog: the word quarantine is used in about 8 lines of dialog, usually to explain why there are blight diseases on the mainland. It's used in one haha-funny book that seems to have no point other than making fun of Morrowind's gameplay quirks.
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30 Aug 2003

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I agree that it's not worth it. It also strikes me as something that would have been a bolt-on in the era of bolt-ons. I think it would be better suited to someone who wanted to come around and apply the idea to TR lands in a standalone mod.
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