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Terrifying Daedric Foe
26 Aug 2010

Location: England

So you're just wandering around Almalexia, maybe in the Foreign Quarter, maybe near one of the gates, when you're accosted by a a shouty Imperial lady and her quiet husband. It seems she's been waiting for hours to meet someone who'll show her around the city and you match the description she was given. So will you do it?

The obvious answer is 'of course not'. Pretending to be someone you're not would be wrong. But she did mention something about a large amount of gold she was going to pay out...

This is a chance to introduce the player to sights and history of Almalexia. The shouty lady will demand to be taken to a place and you have to get there. As you go she'll stop you every now and again to point out a thing she read about in the guide book and would like you to agree that yes, she is omniscient. Of course, not every thing she says will sound true, but it's written in the guide book so it must be...

After you've seen almost everything there is to see you'll be approached by an angry Dunmer who looks nothing like you. He claims to be the real tour guide. If you frequently got lost (I'm thinking this should work on a timer to get from one place to another, if you took too long then the script assumes you got lost or were dawdling unnecessarily) and contradicted what the shouty woman said then she realises that she knew all along there was something not quite right about you and won't pay up. If you knew where you were going and were a good little sycophant then the Dunmer is clearly the imposter and you get paid for your troubles.

I'm thinking there should be an alternative reward if the player got all the questions right regardless of what the shouty woman said, but I'm not sure how to implement it.

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10 Mar 2013

The silent husband could notice if you have everything correct (being actually quite knowledgeable about the city), and defend you in front of the Dunmer guide. He then gives you half of the money and maybe a unique present (map of the city?) out of professional respect.
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