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17 Aug 2008

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I've made this topic to discuss what interiors are needed for the Whitehall area:

Whitehall is the area of Almalexia where government matters happen. This includes both matters related to Great House Indoril, as well as national affairs. National affairs are discussed at the Grand Council of Morrowind, an institution which in the past has done very little, except matters of external defence. Since the Armistice, the Empire has tried to make it into a more effective, native, body of government for the Monarch to exercise control over the five Great Houses.

Here's a list of current plans and ideas:

i3-25: Indoril Council Hall
i3-187: Fancy Indoril clothier
i3-201: Messengers
i3-204: Restaurant used by government officials, and Indoril officials mostly. Posh.
i3-93: Seneschal of the City
i3-209: Grand Council of Morrowind
i3-424: Grand Ascendant
i3-191: Seneschal of the House
i3-211: Hlaalu and Dres Embassy
i3-212: Telvanni and Redoran Embassy

Total: 23 claims

i3-25 and i3-424 have been made already. The empty stuff needs ideas, and anything not yet made is open to new ideas.

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21 Oct 2012

192, 194, 196 or 198 seem isolated enough (could even have a nearby building nixed?) to be the Dagon site.

rot wrote:

may I remind you of this cool idea which, judging from the Alma claims sheet, hasn't been used: (see posts)
gro-Dhal wrote:
I still think something to mark the spot where Mehrunes Dagon tore through the fabric of reality to enter Almalexia would be interesting. It could look like a normal building on the outside (maybe deliberately disguised so as not to attract cultists), but guarded by Ordinators, and inside would be some sort of of weird Temple setup to ensure nothing else can slip through. Maybe the Mages' Guild would be doing liminal research there. Treat it like the fantasy equivalent of a biohazard site or a UFO crash.

It gives some scope to do outlandish interior work with the MH tileset, and would be a decent plot hook for the Temple, the Guild or any future Dagon cult faction.

Should obviously not be a pocket plane nor be outright otherwordly inside, but could have traces of it with potential for more during a quest.
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19 May 2006

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What about some high-profile Tongs and Cornerclubs? (Though the latter might be more of a Hlaalu thing).
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26 Aug 2010

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You've written i3-205 in the list twice.

How about having the Morag Tong public HQ (the real HQ might be hidden somewhere else, like in vanilla)?

A building a bit like the Propylon Network, but to facilitate quick transportation between the Great House HQs and Almalexia? Or it might be better to incorporate that into the embassies.

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04 Jul 2009

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I don't think the Seneschal of the City's office/house being right besides the Grand Council building does it enough justice, spacing the two out a bit might help it claim a bit of an identity of its own rather than just being the building besides the really important other building. I'm not sure what's a better option for City Seneschal - maybe a more centralized interior in the new northern cell. As for i3-93, maybe a representative of the Empire/King Helseth could be useful here, right next to the Grand Council building, trying to influence things. Idk.

The Seneschal of the House is Sandil and he already has quite an effective House/Office. Giving him yet another interior is overdoing it, I feel. I suggest we make i3-191 something else. I'll try and have actual constructive ideas soon.

I do like the idea of a public Morag Tong HQ - a more official front to the organization, a place where you can go to negotiate prices and enlist their services without having to go dungeon diving for their real HQ. This, now that I think of it, might be a good purpose for i3-93

A very big no to propylon/fast travel things. Imo it's important to actually force the player to go the long way sometimes, and building a convenient highway for fast travel between all the major cities will disincentivize actual traveling.
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