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 Status: Final reviewing, 100% Complete
 Faction: House Redoran
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(-20, -3) A cave, home to a hermit. He receives his food from the farm down below. Shouldn't be very large.
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Author Message
22 Feb 2004

Location: Ann Arbor

Starting out simple and claiming this if that is okay. I'm thinking standard rustic hermit cave, but I want to imply that he's a former soldier, so I'll put in some old (Redoran) military memorabilia. Nothing major, maybe even just a helmet.
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Developer Emeritus
02 Feb 2005

Location: Kah-nah-duh

Cool beans, great to see you making stuff again!

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22 Feb 2004

Location: Ann Arbor

Thanks dude! Good to see you as a lead developer, that's awesome.
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22 Feb 2004

Location: Ann Arbor

Oy, submitting for review. Homeboy makes potions for the locals in exchange for food/ingredients/booze. I think it'd be a nice touch to have him have a steel mace since he's a former Redoran guard/soldier. I haven't done this in a while so please don't go easy on me. Wasn't able to playtest because of an issue with the game starting. I'm reinstalling right now.
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Developer Emeritus
02 Feb 2005

Location: Kah-nah-duh

Aeven you silly, you missed this. :P

Off to the bucket then!
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Lead Developer
10 Feb 2014


Fits exterior: Yes

Northmarker set: No
Loading errors: No

Review: Clean: No dirty-dirty-dirty (Fixed)
Ambient/Sunlight/illegal-to-sleep-here: ok/ok/no (???)
Northmarker: WRONG (corrected)
Fits the exterior (Shape/Size/Door/Windows)Surprisedk
Loading errors: no
Correct TileSet: Yes
Books: OK
Container Contents: Ok
Items Rotated enough: Not in X or Y directions (but fixed)

CHANGES MADE (PP=Personal Preference)

active_de_p_bed_28 (1074, 998, 161)
com_basket_01_chpfood5 (985, 987, 148)
ingred_comberry_01 (1027, 666, 219)
ingred_corkbulb_root_01 (1059, 615, 222) Unnatural
ingred_corkbulb_root_01 (1069, 608, 220)
light_de_candle_05 (1163, 954, 178)
misc_com_redware_platter (1064, 613, 223)
misc_de_bowl_redware_03 (1060, 650, 217)
potion_comberry_wine_01 (982, 652, 165)
bk_ConsolationsOfPrayer (1166, 983, 146) Not resting properly on ground or stool – also bleeding into ground

barrel_01_drinks (-109, 772, -21) Into other barrel
barrel_01_drinks (-134, 713, -24) Into rock and ground
barrel_01_drinks (-70, 726, -18) Into ground
com_basket_01_chpfood5 (1015, 1049, 157) Into other basket
com_basket_01_chpfood5 (968, 1031, 160) Into other basket
furn_de_p_stool_02 (1158, 963, 145) Into ground
furn_de_screen_guar_01 (1044, 1125, 263) Into ground
furn_de_screen_guar_01 (944, 1042, 260) Into ground
ingred_comberry_01 (1005, 671, 219) Into table
ingred_comberry_01 (1012, 657, 219) Into table
p_restore_health_c (1106, 597, 236) Into table
p_restore_health_c (1109, 616, 235) Into table
potion_comberry_brandy_01 (-102, 782, 20) Into barrel

chitin_watchman_helm (1112, 642, 228)
ingred_ash_yam_01 (1077, 642, 218)

light_com_redware_lamp (990, 619, 226) Into table
potion_comberry_brandy_01 (-118, 768, 17) Into barrel

furn_de_pathspear_04 (87, 962, 175) Rope not into other pathspear
Furn_De_Tapestry_M_01 (1296, 769, 434) Mephala's Tapestry
ingred_saltrice_01 (1059, 647, 227) Unnatural position
ingred_saltrice_01 (1060, 653, 228) Unnatural position
apparatus_a_mortar_01 (1023, 642, 218) PP Floating

1)Flora_BM_logs around enterance to match exterior
2)furn_redoran_flag_01 & furn_de_bannerpost_02 to replace Mephala tapestry
3)Obligatory misc_com_bucket_01
4) misc_de_basket_01 – ingredients are delivered in the basket ( still one comberry in it)
5)flora_bm_tree_stump_02, light_de_candle_07_64, and steel mace for shrine.
6)Additional boulders around entrance to hide seam between in_mudcave_nat_exit00 and in_mudcave_09

TR_misc_i5-76_cheap_bottle – Empty Cheap Bottle (wt:0.5 $:0)

Furn_De_Tapestry_M_01 (1296, 769, 434) – This is Mephala's Tapestry

Changes made are in the file below

Comments Nice hermit's cave. I like your concept for the ex-Redoran fighter turned hermit.
How about if he's given up his fighting days and now has a make-shift shrine with a small candle and his favorite mace? (I added that)

You might want to use TR_furn_de_p furniture. It has level surfaces. This is real handy for caves since most other surfaces are so uneven. But you have to double check around the feet of TR furniture when you “F” it. Most TR furniture will float above the floor – and require an additional “F” to lay flat on the floor.

Please use TESAME or MEE (Morrowind Enchanted Editor) to clean up your files.

To final reviewer: I am unsure if this place should be treated as someone's home – therefore – illegal-to-sleep-here or as a cave and not illegal-to-sleep-here.

Rating 6 out of 10


 Filename:  TR_i5-76-Red.esp
 Filesize:  7.94 KB
 Downloaded:  116 Time(s)

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20 Jul 2013

Clean - Yes
Northmarker - Good
Lighting - Good
Illegal to Sleep Here - Changed it to yes because it’s inhabited.



Added in some more mud rocks, boulders and a few other things because the amount of detailing didn’t meet our current interior standards.
Removed one in_cavern_stairs00 that didn’t really fit the position without a strange rotation.
Moved the Redoran banner a bit to go along with the adjustment of the floating in_mud_rock_06.
Replaced two barrel_01_drinks with T_MwCom_Var_Bl1Pos.

Uploaded the file to the new site.
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