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02 Dec 2013

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Is there a florist in Almalexia? This quest hinges on there being one.

Anyway, so if there is. This florist is in trouble because their delivery boy ditched, and a replacement is desperately needed. Orders need to go out immediately.

There will be 3-4 homes to deliver to in different parts of the city. The player will be given directions to at least the general area the houses are in. The player must deliver flowers and maybe a message from the buyer to the recipient.

Different things could happen. First delivery would be pretty cut-and-dry. In the second, the recipient might be really offended by the message the player gives. In the third, the recipient eats the flowers on the spot. The last one would be the most difficult - recipient is in an unexpected place? But it would yield the highest payment once completed.

Each delivery will pay about 50 drakes, plus maybe a tip from the recipients. Does Morrowind have a tipping culture?

I think this would complement the size of Almalexia (What other cities have a delivery service?) and the small cash reward would be good for low-level players. It would also serve to get the player familiar with the different districts.
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30 Aug 2003

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You can see all interiors in the city currently extant within the file posted in this thread:

It pays to look around a bit Wink

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