Claim: i4-491-Hla Claimed by Seneca37
Maps In Group Map 4 at 1:(179, -2224):0
Accurate map
Parent: 4-1-Hla
 Status: Approved, 100% Complete
 Faction: House Hlaalu
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Co-ordinates and Shell:
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Developer Emeritus
02 Feb 2005

Location: Kah-nah-duh

Unlocking. Feel free to get creative, but don't do anything too huge or spectacular, as this is a low-level region. (Think thestarter dungeons in early-game Morrowind). These interiors are in the Thirr River Region. Most of these caves should have something to do with the smuggling, as it's an important part of the concept of this region. Again, keep it low level. Perhaps have them tied to the trafficking of slaves or the nearby plantations, since they're located closeby.
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Lead Developer
10 Feb 2014

Since this cave is so close to a watch tower, I'm thinking a smugglers cave as apposed to a slavers cave. The cave will have two sections - small above water cave, and a little larger below water (grotto-ish) section.

Since this is my 1st claim - I have a few questions.
1. Location - I found the location from the jpg map info (4,-25), but the claim indicates a parent: 4-1-Hla. Shouldn't the parent be 4-13?
2. There doesn't appear to be an exterior door - is this normal?
3. Map - is there a way to lighten the flashmap? Section 4-13 defaults to a dark blue color - I've tried hiding the exterior cells, but then the whole map becomes very dark.
4. Should I include sounds/creatures/NPCs in my interior?
5. Is it common practice to keep the interior texture the same (or very close) to the exterior rock/terrain textures? This area is full of AI rocks - but there are no AI cave cells.
6. Are the exteriors complete? I'd like to pull in elements from the exterior - flora/fauna - into my interiors.
7. What about Grid Paths? Do I need to do these up?
I like to mix up my interiors; rotate them so that the original ceiling is the floor or a wall - will this cause any problems?
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Lead Developer
21 Oct 2012

Have fun!

1- yes but that's normal, we're not really using the flashmap anymore because it's unreliable so the true coordinates weren't entered
2- will surely be added on merge
3- don't think so, but see 1 on it being unreliable other than as visual aid
4- sounds yes, creatures/NPCs I think not
5- as you pointed out there isn't always a corresponding texture, so no, cave tilesets are usually not coherent with the exteriors
6- they should be, however flora repartition for the whole of Morrowind hasn't yet been done, so flowers and such might change in the far future
7- yes, a pathgrid is good (think of the poor soul who'd have to pathgrid a whole region otherwise!). Inverted/rotated shells, in my experience, can make things technically more difficult for you, but as long as it looks good and you can walk on it (when in doubt test ingame) it's fine
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Lead Developer
19 May 2006

Location: In your garden.

2. The exterior should be present in the file you will find in the last post of this thread. Not very intuitive, I know.
5. I'm not sure whether TR really has a strict convention here, but as far as I can see:
bonecave is only used for unique locations, and can otherwise be ignored.
mudcave is used in places that aren't rocky.
moldcave is used for places that are rocky, and would probably be a good choice here.
lavacave is used in places with lava.
pycave appears to be volcanic rock.
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Lead Developer
10 Feb 2014

I've completed this cave. Is there something I need to do to get it into the review section?
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Lead Developer
10 Feb 2014

Gave new items proper names.


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