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Melchior Dahrk
28 Nov 2008

Location: Outer Realms

I wanted to point this out.

Maybe I'm just naive, but I never caught on that Fedris Hler was Almalexia's Spymaster. And yet, all of his voiced dialogue is annotated with "unctious chamberlain who happens to be a master assassin and spymaster".

There are hints at it like that he used to be an assassin. He also seems to have some control over the Ordinators. He says he "sent some Ordinators" to deal with something like it was no matter. And he uses the Nerevarine as his informant.

My point is that he's obviously more than just the Chief Steward. Is there an opportunity to expand on this at all in Almalexia? I imagine Hler has "little birds" throughout the city. Maybe during a Thieves Guild quest, a heist could be ruined when a troop of Ordinators are waiting for the would be thief when s/he arrives. Hmm... I don't want to regurgitate the Oblivion TG questline, but maybe the Alma TG could try and get rid of Hler or maybe a bargain can be made with him... something that would be advantageous to Hler and (in his mind) to the city as a whole.
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