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Lead Developer
05 Nov 2006

Location: A charter'd street

Yeah don't overdo it!

In the first piece, it should be either "I thought you'd want to" or "I thought you might want to".

"Nibe-Colovian Code" sounds like there might be a N missing somewhere.

And it's fetcher, not fletcher. A reference, I believe, to all the meaningless fetch quests the PC undertakes.

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Terrifying Daedric Foe
26 Aug 2010

Location: England

"Guild Act," <--- The comma should be outside the speech marks.
'The strange thing about TR is that I think it is by and large accepted that we will finish. We are all the sort of crazy people that would do such a thing. We are inevitable.' ~ Thrignar Fraxix
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Lead Developer
15 Feb 2009

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This is some brilliant stuff, Rats. Smile
-Head of NPCs: Skyrim: Home of the Nords
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18 Jul 2010

Location: Lisboa, Portugal


This interior is in reviewing and contains a journal of a thief. I'm not sure this was already reviewed...

<DIV ALIGN="LEFT"><FONT COLOR="000000" SIZE="3" FACE="Magic Cards"><BR>
[ This journal chronicles the life of a simple peasant who became a thief - you notice that it starts off as a list of items stolen. Some gold from a person in Almalexia, a silver dagger from a tomb somewhere upstream, the list goes on. Then it seems this person joined the Thieves Guild. After several successful jobs, they got kicked out for stealing from a guild member. The journal goes on to recant their joining various bandit groups. They finally started their own group sometime in the not too distant past - hard to tell with out dates. They've been looking for a good hideout. The last few entries catch your attention] ...
We happened across some old dwemer ruins today. N'wah - no door. The whole place has sunk into the mud. We need a good hideout. Camping here for the night.
K'lam thinks he knows where the door is. While my group digs - I'll scout the area.
Locals have just about forgotten about this place - no ones been here in decades. K'lam was right - the door is now cleared. Itty is a SWIT - no sooner did we have the door cleared - he went rushing in. Stupid ORC! The place is swarming with those n'wah dwemer spiders. All laughed at Itty when he came running out. Orcs turn a funny shade of green when they are scared. Tomorrow we clean it out - rest first.
STUPID STUPID Kahjiit - I lost 2 good mer today. K'lam just had to go exploring the rest of this place, and Itty tagged along to help. Before we knew it, the sound of fighting and metal clanging echoed throughout the place. By the time the rest of us got to the door everything became quiet. They are most likely dead. I peeked into the area and those n'wah balls were rolling around. Now we need more mer. Found key to lock door - no one is going in there until I say so.
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