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30 Jul 2011

Location: The Netherlands

Haplo wrote:

Why are there still tons and tons of errors in this exterior even while it's been reviewed and approved? I just don't understand...

I made an error report on this exterior a year ago and nobody has fixed that shit, I'm curious where my error report even is and where it went.

- León van der Stadt

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30 Aug 2003

Location: Celibacy

I'm not sure what you mean. What "tons and tons of errors" still exist in this claim? I see an error report by you that lists three errors, each of which I fixed during my review.
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02 Feb 2005

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Fixed to replace scripted instances of mortag glacier. IMO this mesh is too regognizeable and has a high polycount, so if we want icebergs, we should eventually phase them out with our own meshes later on. This can be worried about later.

Uploaded fix at top, use my file.

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