Major Characters in Andothren-Thirr

Development of the Northwestern bank of the Thirr River, including the Hlaalu port of Andothren. Hlaalu territory.

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Major Characters in Andothren-Thirr

Post by Yeti »

In order to solidify our planning of Andothren-Thirr, we need to decide on a list of key characters who will appear in the section, and what roles they will end up playing. Who are they? What do they believe? Who are their friends and foes? How are they connected to larger factional networks? What stories can we tell with them?

To begin, I'll list some of the key people mentioned in previous threads, and where the planning for them sits so far:

Tholer Andas

A Council Elector (councilman) of the Hlaalu Council Company. He live in Andothren, House Hlaalu's only major port on the Inner Sea. He likely has close ties to Commona Tong, who effectively run the city. The possibility has been raised in other threads that he might have family ties with an Indoril noble family, though we've agreed that this shouldn't be a major focus on his character. I suggested in a past thread that he could make his money as an influential shipping magnate.

If we decide to focus on Andothren early in the Hlaalu questline, as it has been suggested, players will likely interact with Tholer Andas when at a low rank.

Atran Oran

Another Council Elector of the Hlaalu Council Company. He owns the largest Hlaalu plantation in the Thirr River Valley. Very wealthy. He currently has a kind of martial aesthetic to him, though I'm not sure if we wan't to highlight this as a major characteristic. Might not be the kind of guy to involve himself directly in things like smuggling and Camonna Tong affairs, but probably recognizes that he can benefit from them indirectly.

He will most likely play a major part in the conflict over the Thirr River Valley. It might help to give him characteristics that invite players to compare and contrast him with Draler Ilvi, the Indoril lord of the Thirr's eastern bank.

Current Dialouge:

"Every man has his place, even the brutish kind like Ravyn. I am not blind. I am aware of his affiliation with the Camonna Tong. Why do you think I keep him as the plantation's foreman? The Tong know how to keep slaves in line."

"They call us fools and traitors for welcoming the Empire, but it is the Indoril who are truly lost. They long for a place in time that is long gone. The Resdayn of old is ancient history: it will live on in books and fables, but it will never be regained. That is the truth, and even the Indoril will eventually learn to accept it."

Llananu Raran - formerly Savyani Romoren

A Hlaalu House Peer living in Indal-ruhn, a modest Hlaalu cargo port on the Thirr River. She's a complete blank slate, though she might play a role in the town's shipping economy. Might have ties to local smugglers, and possibly even makes money turning a blind eye to their activities.[/i][/url]
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Post by Swiftoak »

Hey good stuff. Be sure you read into my Thir Conflict proposal PDF, where I expand on alot of the background and history, as well as the various powers' interests in the area.
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Post by Gnomey »

Yeah, I still need to get around to replying to that document. For the time being, though, here are my initial thoughts on the characters:

Tholer Andas

As discussed before, we should probably avoid clearly stating that he comes from a traditionally Indoril family, but I do think we could sprinkle in some hints implying as much.

One idea I mentioned [url=]here[/url] is having a conspicuously un-looted and large Indoril ancestral tomb somewhere in this section called the 'Andasril Ancestral Tomb'. Looting it may or may not get the player in trouble in some way. (Thugs attack in the sleep or something; probably not worth the bother, though). Beyond that, though, it doesn't need to (and probably shouldn't) be discussed via dialogue or anything; it's just there.

Whether he has ties to House Indoril or not, though, I don't think his character should in any way fit the House. I personally imagine him as a textbook example of a sociopath, only really caring about his own profit. He would probably be neutral on the issue of the Hlaalu secret, or would only support it because he considers it potentially profitable to himself.
Despite his selfishness, he would still have a very extensive circle of friends and, naturally, business partners. At his core he would just be using them, and projecting an amiable personality where no amiability really exists. He might become noticeably friendlier to the player as the player rises up in ranks, assuming, of course, that the player does not come into conflict with him.
His household staff and such are a different matter; it might be interesting to have some or all of them be of a more religious bent; at least the older ones.

Atran Oran

I think it might be interesting to play up his character as it appears to be presented in the dialogue you quoted: he could have a very honourable -- maybe martial -- character, (apparently finding the Camonna Tong distasteful, etc.), but in deed he is brutally amoral and cold-blooded. (He would probably be a major ally of the Camonna Tong in the area, given his dominant position over the Thirr River Valley).
While he would probably very much be in on the Hlaalu secret, I think it might be more interesting if he isn't especially invested in any goal or ambition, including personal profit. He's essentially just acting out his career and living his life.

I probably mentioned this elsewhere before, but I would consider the idea of the Oran plantation having been built to symbolize Hlaalu control over the Thirr. Oran may be somewhat of a special focus of Indoril animosity as a result.

Llananu Raran

I would personally leave her pretty much as is: an ignorant, incompetent, selfish and ultimately harmless woman from a rich family in Narsis. Most of her work is either done by her loyal steward or by some other House Hlaalu member who may or may not have a presence in Indal-ruhn. Or, of course, a mixture of both.

I imagine her as having her position mostly to serve as a potential scapegoat should someone such as House Indoril look too closely into local smuggling operations. As most operations in the area would pass through or near Indal-ruhn, and Llananu Raran is technically the ruler of Indal-ruhn, it would not be very hard to manipulate evidence to lay full blame on her, and House Hlaalu would lose absolutely nothing from losing her. I have a few related quest ideas (faction or misc) which I am developing and might post whenever that sort of stuff becomes topical.