Claim: i3-776-Imp Claimed by EJRS
Maps In Group Map 3 at 1:(975, -2266):0
Accurate map
Local map: OE Towers East
Parent: 3-24-Imp
 Status: Approved, 100% Complete
 Faction: Imperial
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A medium sized wall keep in Old Ebonheart East, near the docks. Includes housing for the guards.

#L on Local Map.
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14 Aug 2013

I'd like to do this one.

3x3 keep, three floors plus a cellar. Top floor is mostly a connection for the tree doors leading out to the walls, plus a room connecting to the arrowslits on the east wall.
Middle foor is spartan housing plus a table, various guardroom paraphernalia.
Ground floor has one or two small chambers (officers quarters?), as well as some storage space.
Cellar is for cellary stuff: food, drink, supplies.

Oh, and another thing. Unsure where to best ask, but if someone could take a quick look at this and OK the style, I'd like to to the remaining round towers in the OE wall (D,E,F on the local map i.e I3 767, 768, 769) for the sake of consistency.
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14 Aug 2013

Version 1


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