Claim: i5-28-Red Not Available for Claiming
Maps In Group Map 5 at 1:(-3219, -516):0
Accurate map
Local map: Kogotel
Parent: 5-21-Red
 Status: Not available for claiming, 0% Complete
 Faction: House Redoran
Kogotel Claim #28:

The "Unbreakable Tower" - A large monastery, includes a shrine.
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Thrignar Fraxix
Developer Emeritus
06 Dec 2004

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unlocking now that this has been decided
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Developer Emeritus
06 Feb 2005

no one claim this

thrignar i asked you not to put this up until it had lore.

"a monastery" is not lore. its framework for lore to be built in. if that's what i meant i wouldn't have had you keep from putting it up because i decided it weeks before you decided to put kogotel up for claiming.

put this back in n/a until the monastery is made from "a monastery with a shrine" to something with actual substance.

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08 Jan 2007

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Wouldn't it be cool if the centre of the tower was open almost all the way to the top? There could be a cool sacred rock or giant statue in this open space. It will make a first class pilgrimage site and a reason the monastery and the tower is there.
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Lead Developer
17 Aug 2008

Location: Groningen

Considering how I want to open up the new int claims for Kogotel once we move along some of the new claims, I think it'd be a good idea to conceptualise what we want this claim to be.

Obviously it's not a monastery, but what should it be? Based on the Redoran design document, it's at the very least the main site of the Ash March.

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This discussion should take place elsewhere.
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Lead Developer
19 Aug 2013

Location: California

Does this claim's exterior still exist? That's a rather old map of Kogotel.
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Lead Developer
10 Feb 2014

It looks like this claim's information is left over from the original design. I believe that this is now the large structure at the top of the stairs, buried within the mountain top. However, I can not find any lore, or description associated with this place.

In House Redoran Brainstorming, on 09 Dec 2013, Aeven stated the following:
I want to know what people consider to be a good interior for the 'big building' in Kogotel. Originally it was going to be a monastery in the old town design, which is obviously not the way to go.

But then in M3A3 Detaililng/NPCing, on 17 Jun 2014, Sload states the following:

...(this is the cause of every monastic order that exists in TR except the one at kogotel afaik)

which I believe is a reference to his statement, from All Things Redoran, on 30 Jul 2013:
First, Kogotel, as presently concepted and interiored, is not a council city. Kartur and Baan Malur both have council halls, Kogotel does not. The building that dominates Kogotel is a monastery. ...

But I still can not find any description of this "monastery". So until the lore/description for this building is flushed-out, no one can claim it.
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Lead Developer
19 May 2006

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Moving to N/A. I don't think such an important interior should be claimed until we have a concrete plan written out for Kogotel; otherwise we may even have to re-do it at a later point.
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