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02 Dec 2013

Location: Louisiana

The player finds the body of a Dunmer in the wilderness. The body has expensive clothing, most notably a pair of uniquely-named shoes.

When the player puts on the fancy footwear, or activates their enchantment, the ghost of the dead Dunmer is summoned. He tells the player that he was a traveling merchant ambushed by a gang of vile criminals. He asks that the player avenge his death by finding their hideout and killing them all.

The ghost is very helpful in tracking down the gang. He knows exactly where the cave is and where a spare key for the entrance is kept. He attributes this to some kind of spiritual insight.

The player can enter the cave and kill its inhabitants. A journal in the cave reveals that the Dunmer was their former leader, overthrown violently. The ghost feels he has been avenged and his spirit is unbound from the shoes. It seems like the shoes should be the reward; perhaps his presence was blocking their beneficial enchantment?
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