[Quest Idea] - Miscallaneous Blades questline

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[Quest Idea] - Miscallaneous Blades questline

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This isn't meant to be the official full-on Blades questline, though it might one day turn into it, but I have a few quests in mind that start you in Old Ebonheart and basically take you to various parts of TR to do work.

With that said, quest-giver is an undercover Blades spymaster working as a chef in OE. He will offer you various foods along with dialogue and his main purpose is coordinating the work of other Blade members.

Spymaster recognizes you from looking at your face and explains that he is the one who was entrusted with you on mainland and made the necessary preparations to ship you off to Vvardenfel, so he knows that you were sent and trusted by the Emperor.

Since you are already associated, he offers you the opportunity to work for the Empire and as the first quest find out what happened to a spy sent into Necrom to assess the city's defenses, a common procedure they do for military reasons. He can only give you the last report he received from said spy and the advice to look at places he hadn't yet documented.

Player explores Necrom. From what I have read in-game, there is actually talk about a Telvanni Lord Vaerin who settled there before or in the beginning of building the town, but was very disturbed by anyone visiting him in the catacombs. I want to entertain the notion that deep inside the catacombs, he still lives. Private. And naked. He's been living there in the tomb for who nows for how long. Hasn't had any visitors lately, since the undead kill off everyone who try to go too far.

However, there are a lot of undead on the way and Lord Vaerin being the alteration mage that he is, has altered the tombs in strange ways, leading them to be bigger on the inside and having some objects float. Player will also find spy corpse and a report detailing the vast army of undead being hidden in Necrom and him trying to find the cause of it. The player is left to do so and when he finds Lord Vaerin, naked in his private quarters, Vaerin will be annoyed and attacks him. Possible spells might be encumber X and levitate 1 pt (making the player really slow).

Report back to Spymaster. The reward - a unique golden imperial base armor (http://images.uesp.net/thumb/8/8a/BM-npc-Captain_Falx_Carius.jpg/180px-BM-npc-Captain_Falx_Carius.jpg) that an alteration mage made as an experiment in the imperial city - gold sticks to it, providing additional armor rating based on how much the player carries.

Second quest would be about some place experiencing dancing madness plague. Empire is worried about it spreading. Temple has sent out ordinators to exterminate. It falls on the player to find out what is causing it, then play detective to find out who among the inhabitants is the Sheogorath worshipper responsible.