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Ironed Maidens
23 Feb 2008

Some feedback on 2 quests I encountered in Akamora, as I finally got some time to play last night. The first is the Fighter's Guild quest that has you visit the isolated shrine to kill the bandit there (sorry, forget the name at the moment). The bandit has a glass shortsword, and while I'm not 100% sure at what level the Fighter's Guild quests are aimed at in Akamora, my level 4 character was able to kill him by drawing him out of the cave onto the cliffs where he got stuck and I was able to use levitation to kill him after a few reloads. I think that the Orcish greaves and the glass shortsword are a bit too high-end for him to have, as now I have 2 really expensive items at my disposal to sell at a very low level. Maybe switching those items out and giving him a higher level with a bit more health would be more optimal? It just seems moddy to have such good gear on an NPC tied to a quest so easy to beat/take advantage of the aged mechanics of the game to beat.

My next suggestion is about the misc. quest The No Name Dunmer, where you find an NPC at the Laughing Goblin who wants to speak to his ancestors. Ooooh Jesus; this quest just rubbed me the wrong way. First and foremost, do we know if summoning ancestors with just bonemeal and ectoplasm would work? Secondly, you have the option to ask the female NPC in the temple for the ingredients and she suggests adding ash salts to the mixture because the no name Dunmer did something bad at the temple. I do not think that any Temple member would go so far as to defile the ancestors like that, no matter what someone may have done to them. It is out of character, and she also calls the head priest an idiot basically. Also, for the summoning ritual; the ambiance itself was AWESOME, given the aging engine of Morrowind, I think the scripting for the quest was superb. HOWEVER, the incantation he says to summon the ancestor is lackluster, at best. A blessing to AYEM, SEHT, VHEK, and that's it.

I'm pretty certain that there would be a bit more involved in it. Also, just most of the dialogue in the quest is hackish and I feel it could be re-written to be given more depth and flavor, as well as it could flow more naturally. I also think that, if keeping the female NPC who tries to ruin the ritual is something you guys reallllly want, the PC should at least be given the option to report her to the head priest as she clearly hates him and has no respect for ancient Dunmeri/Tribunal values. Other than that it was a very nice quest, as I am partial to small quests that take place within town walls. The ring was a nice reward and I'm sure my character will find it very useful.
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