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01 Nov 2012

Okay, this first problem I know is associated with MGE XE. It involves dynamic shadows. For some reason, they're rendering weird. The shadows of static objects will appear through other statics which just doesn't look right. As you can see, the shadow of the Hoom and Dres Hunter armor are very transparent. I'm sure it's an MGE issue because turning off Dyamic lighting shadows eliminates the problem.

Second, I have an issue with wind blowing. I can't seem to find any mods that would cause the issue so I'm assuming it's a feature of MGE XE. The wind blowing gets worse and worse the further away from Vvardenfell cells I am. If it is an MGE XE feature, how do I turn it off? It looks horrible and pretty glitchy as my weapon and skin segments will jiggle like jello when really far away from vvardenfell. I've tried disabling wind for all weather in MGE XE and it didn't work so that's not the issue.

If someone can help me figure out what's causing it, let me know. I'd join the bethsoft forums and ask but it would be stupid to join them for that reason alone.
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