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02 Dec 2013

Location: Louisiana

The Old Ebonheart Merchant's Union is an association of the merchants that do not have the benefit of Guild backing. Members of the Union meet to set policy and fund projects. It also offers financial services to members, acting as a kind of bank.

This function is a problem in these "Last Days of Old Ebonheart". OE's economy has plateaued, when most merchants expected it to continue the rampant growth of previous years. Many optimistic traders took loans from the Merchant's Union that, unless OE's economy improves, will not be paid back soon.

Anjzhirra, of Anjzhirra's Rare Goods, is the leader of the Union and servicer of loans. She saw the writing on the wall, and didn't think she'd be able to stay afloat with these bad loans on her back. Looking for an out, she sought help from local criminal and loan shark Otrebus Delagia.

Otrebus bought the loans from Anjzhirra at an agreeable rate. Now he is very eager to collect on them. Anjzhirra, perceiving future economic hardship and fearing recourse from Union members, has considerable motivation to skip town if things go sour.

This backstory could be used for various quests, most likely Thieves Guild. How the Guild reacts to the Merchant's Union situation and how it relates to OE's looming decline are key areas of exploration. Investigating this story could bring the player into contact with an array of NPCs, including Union members, the Barrister's Guild (for legal matters regarding the loans or their transfer), and Otrebus' gang.
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Lead Developer
03 Jul 2012

I would replace Anjzhirra with Emercius Ludoviil to keep the rich part of town more separate from the middle class / poor part of town. [The rich merchants of OE would more likely get their loans from the EEC or from a bank in Cyrodiil, for example, rather than the mobster loanshark]

I'd also change the name of the union to Lesser Chamber of Commerce (though this is only a nitpick).

But this is great, nonetheless. I'd really like to give the player a chance to work for Delagia for a while, too.

stars are out tonight.
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02 Dec 2013

Location: Louisiana

"Lesser" sounds like it's being humble about itself, and I've only ever heard of "Greater" chambers of commerce. Would any of these work?

Old Ebonheart (Greater/New/Second) Chamber of Commerce
Old Ebonheart Trade Council
Old Ebonheart League of Merchants (I like this best personally)
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Ironed Maidens
23 Feb 2008

In Oblivion the Market District had the Society of Concerned Merchants. I can see stuff like this being a wide-spread idea amongst Imperial settlements; little leagues or groups formed by the high-posh Imperial mindset traders to try and keep everything fair and in check. For native Dunmeri settlements I can see the people being far less concerned with litigation and order and being much more cut-throat. So perhaps Old Ebonheart Society of True Trading or some such name would be better fitting...?
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