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22 Mar 2015

I threw together an installation to give Wizards Islands a try (never tried it before) and after getting the latest version along with the so-called "super patch" I installed it.

Loaded with no errors....good sign

Went through the first little task, got transported over to the island, and my first reaction is, well, the scenery looks like a desert...

I was supposed to be on a beach, so I went exploring, and I decided to position in Constance. She appeared...sort of, only her glass shield appeared, and moved around.

So, I figure if I save, then restart, maybe it will be ok.

Well first my save gives me a dialogue error about the topic "Beds" which..heh is a bad sign (and good thing I'm playing this with a copy, rather than my main install)

The it loads...all of the UI is there and fine, but thats it, it's all just black. I can walk around (using the minimap!) and I can talk to constance when I blunder into her, I can zap in a golden saint and I can hear her kill it. I just cant see anything.

Better yet, if I coc over to Vvardenfell, everything is fine. If I position back over to where I was, eternal blackness.

I'm not all broken up about this, but I would like to at least get a look at the mod so many have talked and wrote about!

Any ideas? I'm just running GoY+MCP+BB+Constance on this install.

In the meantime, I supposed I'll load up the TR Alpha and wander around...
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06 Apr 2008

The all black thing sounds like the fogbug, but that only affects interior cells rather than exterior ones.

These cells in v7 of the Superpatch ESP suffer from the fogbug:
WI Iccad, Hideout

And in the ESM:
WI Iccad, Hideout
WI Naz Infirmary

But it doesn't sound like you were in either of those cells. So I'm a bit confuzzled.
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22 Mar 2015

Well, interestingly enough, on the machine I use for Morrowind, I am using a Radeon card (it's an old machine, for an old game).

As you said, this is an exterior cell, but I have a feeling it might still be related. I had heard of the "fog bug" just browsing around but never paid any attention to it because, well I never encountered anything like it before.

I guess when I get back to that mod (I'm playing around with Apostates to Oblivion, so far a cute and funny mod, especially the initiation rite where I have to strip a nord of his clothes and steal his axe).

I can also just try copying that install to a much faster machine without an ATI chip (shh..don't tell my clients), which I've done to get some movie caps when I've accidentally (or not so accidentally) setup some sort of hilarious situation.
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22 Mar 2015

Well, after researching this fogbug thingy, I found it amusing that some called it the "ATI Fogbug" and other people called it the "Nvidia Fogbug."

Anyway, after some bug fix editing (I edited the regional weather), I went through the initial tasks, shipwreck, etc, and things looked pretty good, everything was displayed correctly until I foolishly decided to save, quit, make supper, and load up my saved game...

Any game saved (with the mod loaded) is corrupted, and it doesn't matter if I saved in Vvardenfell just before I even get my first task, or later, on the island.

I had 3 saves, every single one had dialogue problems (with the beds topic again, and it looks just like the problems you get when you use something like mwedit to edit a mod with filtered dialogue (as opposed to the CS). However, that usually pops up when you start the game up with the mod, not just later on loading a save.

And the saved position is wrong, and today rather that just all black, I get all white lol!

I guess I'll have to try the "unmoved" version (with a non-TR install obviously, but these are really strange problems....
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